Q&A Session 1

This is the first session of LooseRounds.com Q&A.  If you have a firearms related question please email it to QA@LooseRounds.com. We will post the your questions anonymously and give you our answers. 1. Aimpoint vs. Eotech? Howard:  Shawn and I advocate the Aimpoint.  While early Eotechs were a far superior optic to early Aimpoint, modern Aimpoints … Read moreQ&A Session 1


AmericanSnipers.org is a group dedicated to helping out our military snipers.  Occasionally they offer a raffle to drum up support. Currently they are raffling off a custom 6.5 creedmore bolt gun with some nice accessories.  Tickets are $10.  Take a look. http://www.americansnipers.org/osc_product_info.php?products_id=58&bb_osCsid=qkjk7q6oju5rgffm9i3gg100m5


The ARMS 41 is a clamp on flip up sight for the AR15.  It is available with and without a bayonet lug. Installation is easy.  ARMS also includes a spacer in case you are not using a standard handguard.  When up, the 41 has the same profile as an standard fixed front sight base.  To fold it … Read moreARMS 41


LooseRounds.com has some new email addresses. If you need to contact us, you can use Incoming@LooseRounds.com. Please send your firearm related questions to QA@LooseRounds.com. If you would like to contact Shawn, use Shawn@LooseRounds.com. If you need to contact me, use Howard@LooseRounds.com. Happy Independence Day.

Range Report

A Keltec PMR-30 with somewhere between 5000-7000 rounds through it with out cleaning was found to have a broken slide retaining pin.  The owner found the headed side of the pin walking out when firing.  The other half of the pin remained captive and the pistol functioned perfectly otherwise.  I would write this up as … Read moreRange Report


Shawn and I are starting a Q&A section to LooseRounds.com.  Do you have a firearms related question, if so send it to QA@LooseRounds.com.  Once a week Shawn and I will put up a post listing questions, and giving the answers.  We will not post who asked the question, so you will remain anonymous. However, We will … Read moreQ&A