5.56 Timeline

They want fear of us to be considered normal.

Ever see one of those over the top “Chick tracks“? So many of them are so ridiculous that it makes their message seem stupid. Similarly, there many many people sharing old anti-Marijuana ads, and making spoofs of those old ads because they are seen as just so very silly.

The people who make advertisements and religious tracks like this don’t want you to make an educated and informed decision, they just want to scare you into compliance with their goals.

We see the same tactics used by anti-gun groups and individuals.

You can find many stories from the UK where the bomb squad was called in to handle the disposal of a few rounds of ammunition. Stories like the Fossgate bullet mystery or when EOD was called in because a boy found a few old rounds in Yorkshire. Here in the US, things are just as silly. Remember the case when a kid got suspended for biting a poptart into an L shape? (Courts upheld the suspension of the 7 year old) Classic example here in the US is when the news reports that a “Rocket Launcher” was found. An AT-4 anti-tank weapon is a single use rocket in a fiberglass tube. It can NOT be reloaded. Sometimes after one is fired, the tube is kept or sold to collectors. That tube is just as deadly as any other fiberglass pipe. But when one is found in the trash, or in someones collection, the media just wets their panties in glee when they get to announce how a rocket launcher was found.

This is part of a form of social engineering.

Anti-gun individuals and groups want people to be afraid of guns. They want to normalize these over the top reactions. Fear is the goal. A desire for everyone unfamiliar with guns to be afraid of them. It makes people less likely to want or own one. It makes them more likely to turn over guns to the government.

We have a counter to this. Take people out shooting. Teach your kids to shoot. Encourage people to attend events like Women On Target. Lift that veil of ignorance that that people peddling this bullshit rely on.

Thanksgiving Plinking

Went to the range today. Hadn’t shot shotgun in a while and was starting to grow fond of them. A few shots reminded me why I don’t care for them. Low capacity, slow to reload, etc. Still worth having one.

I received a Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun trigger (SD3G) in that Larue PredatAR rifle I talked about recently. I replaced it with a Larue MBT trigger in that rifle. I am going to sell this trigger, but I figured I should it before I do. In the past, when I used a Super 3 Gun trigger (S3G) I found it so light and the reset so short that I was inadvertently getting double and triples when I didn’t want it. That happened with two different lowers, so I quickly got rid of the trigger. Trying this one in one of those same lowers, I had no issues with unintentional bump firing. Geissele’s “3 Gun” triggers are very light, short trigger, and very quick to reset. It makes for a very easy to shoot fast firing gun, but I’d rather have heavier trigger for any gun that I would expect to use for any serious or dangerous work. Still, something like the S3G or SD3G triggers would be perfect for the gun games they are designed for. The S3G has a standard curved trigger, while the “Dynamic” SD3G has a straight trigger.

I’ve started playing around with the Magpul 40 round Pmags. Initial impressions are excellent. They are easy to load, smooth to use, standard Magpul AR15 Pmag excellence. I expected they might be so long as to be awkward but I was wrong. As of now, I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Be careful with those Black Friday sales

Well, I suppose I mean to say, “be careful buying stuff in general”.

I was looking at a couple of ERGO products for sale on their website. A different dealer, Optics Planet had it even cheaper still. Even if something is on sale, shop around.

I’m going to try not to buy anything, but I don’t know if I have the willpower for that.

There are more and more stories of Chinese knockoffs of parts being imported. There are also people making new “old” parts. One example are the fake of Colt M16A1 uppers.

AR15.com user aeyoung posted more information about these here. There are many little things wrong with the upper that show it is not an original, but the additional cuts in the inside of the upper may be most obvious.

Last year, there was an issue with Stag Arms selling Chinese knock offs of the Radian Rapter ambi-charging handle. There was a lawsuit and Stag settled out of court, but it still hurt many individuals and small businesses. Chris Schuyler, owner of Schuyler Arms wrote about his losses due to Stag Arms lying about these Chinese knockoffs being real. He shares his story along with pictures over on Reddit.

To sum it up, Stag tells him that they are selling discounted Radian Rapter charging handles, but that they are branded as Stag, not Radian. Chris Schuyler orders 1500 of them. Sells 750 of them before he receives them from Stag. He then learned that Stag never had real Radian made charging handles, and Stag Arms tries to claim they never said their product was Radian brand.

He says he never saw a single one of these Radian knock offs, but in that Reddit thread there are many people talking about how they purchased one of these Stag Chinese made charging handles and that they broke or failed early on.

I often tell people to buy from a reputable dealer. Sadly Amazon is not on that list. There are far too many reports of people receiving fake ACOGs, Aimpoints, or other lesser optics from Amazon. Sometimes it is a scam from a Amazon seller, other times someone bought the real product, replaced it with a fake and returned the fake in the original packaging.

As always, caveat emptor.

Edit – I forgot to mention another example of faking the now popular retro parts. There is at least one person out there taking old 20 round AR15 magazines, and using a jig to bend additional grooves so that the mag can be sold as a fake “waffle” magazine.

Zenitco – Ivan The Bear – IKEA instruction style advert.


Ivan Tactical (Ivan The Bear) posted this up on their Instagram page. It is a little ad for ZenitCo AK accessories. I thought it was pretty cute, well done, and worth sharing.

I saw the file listed under the required tools, and my first thought was that would never fly in the AR15 community. Imagine buying an accessory and being told you will have to fit it to your weapon. People would be livid, you would lose your resale value.

But as I thought about it for a bit, it isn’t that uncommon in a few other cases. LMT puts little tabs on their newer uppers that sometimes have to be filed down to allow it to fit on a lower. The excuse for this is that they want to removed upper to lower slop. Between all the different MP5 models, brands, and years of manufacture, it is considered common to need to file a new stock or brace to fit them to a MP5. Not uncommon to see stocks and accessories for bolt actions to need to be fitted. I guess Space Age guns like the AR15 and Glock have spoiled me. (Little reminder, the Space Age started 52 years ago)

I just noticed the gas tube is rotated 90 degrees in that image.

Field // Pins, another product I don’t get.

Some company is letting you preorder field pins. They have some renderings of the product you could preorder. These “Field // Pins” are a take down and pivot pin for the AR15 with slots in the head that you can hook the rim on a round to pull open.

I don’t get it. If I have a round, why not use the bullet tip to push out the pin from the other side?

I thought, “Maybe it is to prevent scratching or marring your pins?” But I think the brass rims will mark up this pins just as much as push the pin.

Adding style an ease to a part most don’t think much about till it’s time to use. Field Pins are designed to use the rim of your cartridge to easily pull if need be. No more jamming your finger nail, using a pin and hammer, or using the actually bullet tip to disengage your takedown pins.


I think their first two words explain the whole arguement for this part. “Adding style” is probably the only real justification for these. For the people who want a Gucci rifle.

This just doesn’t seem like an upgrade in any way to me. Not worth $45. But hey, there are worse ways you could spend your money.