5.56 Timeline

On muzzle devices

Various Surefire muzzle devices.

We have a multitude of wonderful options in muzzle devices now for our rifles.  However I have been seeing some odd trends that disturb me.  First I run into many people running muzzle breaks on short barreled rifle (SBR) variants. These short 5.56 rifles only gain marginal recoil reduction, and the cost of a large increase of flash and blast, almost always annoyingly so.  Several of the owners of these short rifles tell me that their rifle is their home defense gun.  I do hope that they never need to fire those rifles indoors with out hearing protection.  Pronged flash hiders are also coming back into style.  These tend to be more effective then closed ended flash hiders, but many will ring like a bell when tapped or as the rifle is discharged.  Sometimes prongs can be bent, or they can bloom like a flower.  I recommend against pronged flash hiders on full length rifles, and on firearms that are going to be used in think brush.  However these pronged flash hiders are an excellent choice for the sub-16 inch .30 cal rifle and for SBRs as they mitigate flash and blast better then many of the enclosed flash hiders.  One last note, some flash hiders have sharp edges, points, and/or barbs for use as a impact weapon.  I highly recommend against these as standard flash hiders work well in that role, and the expensive specialized ones end up just cutting holes in your range bags and cases.

Ruger SR556

Got to shoot a Ruger SR556 last Saturday.  Recoil was smooth and pleasant, the narrow railed hand guard felt nice in the hand.  However when I field stripped it, I found metal shavings under the rear take down pin all the way up under the bolt catch.  Bolt carrier tilt was shaving metal from the buffer tube.  While shooting the Ruger rifle was nice, it looks like they have not worked out all the kinks yet.

Hello world!

It is funny that WordPress would name the default starting post “Hello World!”.  I had been a computer programmer for a few years before I ever wrote a C++ Hello World script.  It didn’t compile on the first try.  Or the second.  Didn’t run either.  Fortunately I am better with firearms then I was with computer code.

I am Howard, and I go by the screen name Postal0311, together with my friend Shawn, we have decided to start “Just another WordPress firearm Blog”.

Shawn has this to add:

Hello  everyone, welcome to our  new blog, Loose Rounds! It will be the gibbering of two friends who  live deeply into the world of firearms, gear and any and everything else related to our favorite subject and maybe a few odds and ends for fun. We will be reviewing new guns, optics, pistols,gear and all the stuff that supports them. Two us will be doing this and we think our style will be fairly amusing to others. The blog started from hours of talking about our hobby/lifestyle and we got the crazy idea maybe some one out there would like to read out gibbering.

Between the two of us we feel we have a lot of ground covered on a wide range of topics and can give a pretty balanced review on items. The tone will be fairly casual  as if in a conversational manner. All reviews will be done in a way to give as much info as possible, no gunrag  half reviews  that leave you feeling like all you read was a couple of pages of a add or the authors life. We may also add posts on a variety of things the typical gun owner is interested in like video games,movies and mindset and tactics as well as ideas we have that may or may not make things better or at least get a person thinking on how and what they might truly need, but will be devoted to firearms and all that goes with them.  We think the name of the blog, “Loose Rounds” sums up  the wide range we will cover.

Sooooo..it should be fun, amusing,insightful,deep,slightly embarrassing ,helpful and sexy. Stay tuned and check back in as often as you feel like to get some good info on tactical arms because we will be writing up some of the most cutting edge  and fun stuff we can get our hands on, and that is a pretty wide range between the two of us. So stick around. It will be fun !!