5.56 Timeline

LuckyGunner.com’s brass vs. steel test

LuckyGunner.com did very interesting test comparing brass cased ammunition to Brown Bear, Wolf, and Tula.

It is highly worth the read, there is a good bit of information to be had from their article.  Some points I took from this is:

Bushmaster reaffirmed that they have lousy quality control with how their “Barrel nuts were torqued to inconsistent values: two had been torqued to approximately 5 ft/lbs”

They confirmed that Magpul back up sights are not good for firearms that will have high volumes of fire as “One MBUS sight cracked and fell off of the carbine to which it was attached due to heating and cooling cycles that negatively affected the polymer material.”

I don’t recommend Eotechs for several reasons, thanks to this test I can also add that “Excessive upper receiver heat did cause thermal discoloration of and cosmetic damage to the EOTech sights. Also, one CR123 battery in the XPS 2-0 ruptured – possibly due to heat – but both EOTechs, as well as the Aimpoint, remained functional at the end of the test. The manufacture date of the 552 was April of 2005; prior to the test, its battery spring “grommets” were replaced with a newer design, which markedly improved battery life.”

The biggest thing I took away from this test is that there is a huge difference between the Tula and Wolf ammunition.  It was far more then I expected.

Head over to LuckyGunner.com to read more.

Solar Powered Rifle Accessories?

Introducing The Solar Powered M16.

We now live in a time where we have battery powered warfare.  Our radios, optics, lights, lasers, night vision, and so many more items run off batteries.

A few years back, a couple of hand made modified SOPMOD stocks were made with the ability to recharge batteries by using solar panels mounted on the stock.  While this didn’t catch on, it is an interesting bit of technology.  The Blog NoMoreNakedRoofs.com which discusses solar power, wrote a short article about my recharging stock made by Tom Lyons.

The 5.45 AR15


5.45 AR15


With the cost of 5.56, some people have run 5.45×39 AR15s as an alternative.  I have owned both a S&W M&P15R and a Spikes Tactical upper in 5.45.

The main, and potentially only, benefit of having a 5.45 AR15 is cheap ammo.  5.45 comes into this country in batches so when it is available it is cheap but it is not always available.  5.45 might be a good choice if you like to shoot a high volume, and can afford to make a bulk purchase of ammo early on.  If you intend to just pick up ammo when you need it, 5.45 will be a poor choice.

There are many cons to running 5.45.  First is that the majority of the cheap 5.45 is corrosive.  Second is magazine and trigger requirements.  Another is the performance of 5.45.

I’ve read more then a few sources talk about how they shoot thousands of rounds of 5.45 and have no rust issues.  Most of the writers that say this live and shoot in the desert.  Since I have started shooting 5.45 I have found rust on melonited barrels, rust and pits in nickle boron coated bolts, rust on chromed firing pin, rust on a Diamondbond coated bolt carrier, etc.  So what does this mean?  It means if you have a 5.45 AR, you are going to have to clean it.

A barrel and bolt are not the only parts you will need to run 5.45.  5.45 will run best from magazines designed to feed it.  C-Products makes these magazines and I have had good luck with them.  Some people report limited sucess with Lancer mags, HK mags, and 20 round GI mags, but nothing other then dedicated 5.45 magazines have worked for me.  My C-products mags have sharp edges on the feed lips and have all warped from use, but they still feed and work reliably.  Combloc ammo will have hard primers.  A standard AR15/M16 fire control group may not net you complete reliability.  S&W sold their rifles and uppers with a heavier hammer and disconnector spring due to this issue.  This did make for a heavy trigger pull.  Some match triggers will reliably fire this ammunition, I use a Geisselle trigger in the rifle I shoot 5.45 in.

For years I have read people claim how 5.45 is some sort of magical armor piercing “poison bullet”.  In reality its a moderately performing round, moderate in both accuracy and stopping power.  While not a terrible round it falls behind most any modern high performance rifle bullet design.  5.45 may be capable of interesting things as a cartridge, don’t expect much from the bulk packed 40 year old commie ammo.

If you are lured by the low cost of 5.45 ammo, make sure to factor in the costs of a 5.45 upper, mags, and trigger parts.  You will most likely need to use at least 4000 rounds of 5.45 before you reach a break even point the money spent.  I would only recommend getting a 5.45 if you can purchased many thousands of rounds of ammo when it is available cheap.  When I got into 5.45, I purchased fifteen thousand rounds for it.  Since then, the price of the ammo has gone up, and twice it was unavailable.  If your considering 5.45 for the cheap ammo, make sure to buy it cheap, and stack it deep.

A proposed High-Capacity Magazine ban

Posted by Colonel Panic on AR15.com.  Used with permission.


For too long our children have been exposed to a looming threat, one which is also completely preventable in our modern world. I speak of course of these so-called magazines with a high-capacity to do harm to our youth. I therefore call for a reasonable ban and limitation on these despicable and a majority says useless, items.

Magazines have evolved a lot over the last 250 years. There are some now with 30, 50, even 100 pages of glossy advertisements, harming and tantalizing our youth. I propose limiting these periodicals to 10 pages so that writers will have to be considerably more precise if they wish to carry out mass-publications in the future. Think about how much harder it will be to break laws like libel when writers are forced to pause to properly reload their thoughts.

But you may also be thinking “But if we limit the number of pages, won’t the bad guys just buy more magazines?”. What an intelligent question! Of course we have thought of that and will be limiting citizens to owning 2 magazines. You can only read one at a time anyways, right? So who could possibly need more? And the best part is you are completely free to choose whichever two magazines you wish to own, as long as they are on the approved list below.

“Isn’t our freedom of speech protected in the Constitution?” you may ask, a rather reasonable question. Yes, but you can also agree that our Founding Fathers could not possibly have envisioned color photographs, printing press capacities of thousands of copies a minute or even the frightening aspects associated with digital media. Think of it more as a reasonable limit for the public good instead of a restriction on your rights. Remember, it is for the children.

As any respectable psychologist will tell you, the psyche of a developing child is very fragile. These magazines of today are nothing short of assault, rifle through the pages; I dare you, looking at beautiful faces and perfect bodies and try not to feel threatened. Hundreds, if not thousands, of suicides a year could be prevented by limiting society’s exposure to these self-esteem murdering periodicals. If it saves even one precious life, it will be well worth slightly limiting everybody’s freedom.

“This sounds like an expensive proposition!” one may think. Don’t worry, this too is planned for. There will be a small tax of $5 per magazine sold to go towards paying for the enforcement program. Dentist offices and Jiffy Lube waiting rooms around the country will be monitored by thousands of BATF agents from the newly created Bulletin And Tabloid Force. Private ownership will be carefully monitored through means of a registration program. Existing magazines will be charged a one-time tax of $200 or forfeited to the Government.

“What if I am the parent of a child who reads these magazines? Does that make me negligent?”. Of course not! The problem isn’t with you failing to teach your child what is right or wrong or the concept of personal accountability. Nor is it your fault that the school systems and society at large have failed to help your child through their self-esteem, behavioral and emotional issues, as these are new problems in the 21st century. The problem lies solely with the manufacturers of these weapons of mass distribution. Legislation, not better parenting or enforcement of existing laws, is the only way to solve this problem.

Non-approved List:
Newsweek (and any magazine even remotely resembling Newsweek)
Reader’s Digest
(and 1288 more)

Approved List:
Popular Science
Guns & Ammo
American Woodworker
(and 87 more)

How was this list created you may wonder? Easy, we picked magazines full of big words we didn’t understand and ones with scary features (like the black plastic covers on some of the pornographic magazines). Also, any magazine that we feel doesn’t serve a useful purpose in our modern age was forbidden. Who is “we”? Your elected officials, sworn to protect you at all costs.

Write your Congressman today in support of this proposition! Sign the 100,000 signature petition at WhiteHouse.gov to make your opinion known. Any bill with that level of majority support will clearly force Congress’s hand and make America safer for our future generations.

Once this passes, we plan to pass a law limiting clip sizes. Can you believe that YouTube allows up to one hour long videos of people doing dangerous activities that could possibly harm our children?!