LaRue, Colt, KAC Battle Carbines Compared Part 1

Happy Thanksgiving all. Today I am thankful that I got to try a few different rifles this morning.  I did side by side shooting of a Larue 7.62 Ultimate Upper rifle, Colt LE901-16SE, and a KAC SR25-EC. It isn’t really fair to directly compare these as there are some major differences between them.  Sort of … Read moreLaRue, Colt, KAC Battle Carbines Compared Part 1

LMT MARS-LS Ambi Lower Review

A while back I tried doing a google search for best AR15 lower.  There was plenty of various discussion, some people saying that any cheap lower is good enough.  Others talking about what rollmark is the coolest looking.  I saw a couple of discussions about ambidextrous lowers, various people were stating that that MARS lower … Read moreLMT MARS-LS Ambi Lower Review