5.56 Timeline

Does anyone actually sell guns on Armslist?

There are many places to buy and sell guns online, but I never seem to hear about anyone buying something from Armslist. I’m pretty sure it’s only scammer there.

Now I was perusing Armslist the other day, and I stumbled across a good deal. So I took a good look at the ad. I do a reverse image search. Turns out it is a scammer that just copied a Gunbroker ad.

I look around some more. I find an even better deal. I do a reverse image search and nothing shows up. It looks like a legitimate ad. So I contact the seller.

I also google searched the text in the ad. That brought me to the real Gunbroker ad this one was a copy of. So, another scammer.

I heard back from the seller, they answered one of my questions, with an absolutely ridiculous answer that is impossible. They also only take Zelle or Paypal as payment. Another red flag.

Be careful when you go to buy guns online. Be extra careful if you are looking at Armslist.

Russian Big Game Ammunition Now Available

MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH, October 2019–MKS Supply is the first U.S. company to start working with Barnaul to import/market and sell a diverse offering of Barnaul branded ammunition in the U.S. including effective yet low cost hunting rounds.

Barnaul’s .308 Winchester in either 140 or 168 grain soft point loadings and super slick polycoated steel cases is both affordable and highly-capable. The 140 grain round has a muzzle velocity of 2,759 fps; the 168 grain round comes in at 2,618 fps.

Barnaul’s .30-06 Springfield round comes only in a 2,612 fps 168 grain soft point version utilizing the Barnaul slick polycoated steel cartridge case.

For what it is worth–while the latest big bucks high-tech ammo is nifty, the simple soft point has been efficiently harvesting big game for many decades without extreme meat destruction. Now thanks to Barnaul’s pricing it won’t harvest hunter’s wallets thus allowing more practice without the price. Barnaul is one of the few privately owned Russian ammunition companies approved to supply ammunition to the Russian Army.

Barnaul’s high standards and extreme quality control measures have granted them the privilege to supply Russia’s Special Forces with high-quality ammunition.

Pricing on all Barnaul products is very competitive therefor no MSRP is involved.

MKS Supply, LLC
8611-A North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH

“Custom” M1941 Johnson Rifle on Gunbroker


If you have ever seen a M1941 Johnson Rifle and thought, “It just isn’t AR15 enough”, now is your chance to get the solution.

Eww, wood 🙁

This “custom” rifle has AR15 sights, and a “custom winter paint job” .

It appears to have a custom chassis with a tubular stock. Looks like they set it up to use an AR15 style safety, but in a different location, on the right side of the chassis above the trigger.

This rifle can be yours, at a starting bid of $4,999.00.

Make sure to post a reply in the comments if you end up buying it.

I’m curious how well it shoots.

KS-23 AKA TOZ-123 AKA BFG-1 Shotgun

Over the years when I get caught up with people in discussions about shotguns, I like to bring up the Russian KS-23.

The Russians, having some 23mm AA guns barrels laying around, decide to turn them into a pump action shotgun. Thus the KS-23 was born. Part of the idea of it was to also use it to launch exotic munitions. If it was ever used for that, I don’t know. It is about 6 and a quarter gauge.

What I do know is that the Russian have fielded some of them, and you can occasionally see pictures of their fine men carrying these implement of peace.

While I was telling some people about this shotgun today, I was doing an image search to show them these images, and I learned that a handful of these were imported some years back. Estimates range between 25-50. The imported ones had a longer smooth bore barrel and wood furniture. Named the TOZ-123, they were also called the BFG-1 by the importer. I don’t know what the original price was, but I saw one was sold for $1400 back in 2008. I heard of one selling for $2500 a couple of years ago.

An owner of one put together a video of him talking about it and disassembling it. They were marked 4 gauge, but are really a custom 6.27ish gauge.

Seems kinda silly to just have one of these. I mean, if you are going to have one, wouldn’t you want one for each hand?