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Getting into 3D printing

We have had a few readers ask more about 3D printing. I had figured that there is so much info out there that you really wouldn’t want to read about it here, but I guess I was wrong.

Like most activities, 3D printing is a hobby of its’ own. If you are just interested in printing off some parts and nothing else, it would probably be just cheaper to order some stuff online. You need to consider the cost of the printer, the cost of the filament, then time and effort you put into it.

Another major question is if you know CAD. If you already know how to do 3D design, once you understand the capabilities and limitations of 3D Printers, you can easily design your own parts and projects. If you don’t know CAD and you don’t intend to learn it, you will be limited to only printing what other people have designed and put online. This will greatly limit what you can do.

3D Printing is popular due to the low cost of entry. You can get an ok printer in the $200 range. Some printers are available almost completely assembled and set up allowing you to get into printing quickly.

That said, some printers are easier to use and work better than others. Back when I got my first printer, people said “Get a Prusa”. I looked at the costs, the feature set, and ended up buying a Tevo Tarantula instead.

Building the Tarantula taught me a great deal about 3d printing. I had to work out all sorts of issues an I spent a fair bit of time upgrading that printer. Eventually I decided I was going to upgrade to a new printer, and people said, “Buy a Prusa”, and instead I bought a Tevo Tornado. That printer has treated me well, after I did the Ikea mirror upgrade. Still, I’ve never quite got the quality of bridging I want.

So I broke down and ordered a Prusa i3MK3S. I got the kit to save a few bucks. When I get it, I’ll write about assembling it and using it.

You don’t have to have an expensive printer to get excellent results, but it is much harder to get good results with a cheap printer.

Ruger 10/22 Charger Lite Takedown (4935) First Impressions

I picked up a Ruger 10/22 Charger. I had kinda wanted one for a while, and after looking into the cost to rebarrel and put a new trigger in my 10/22 rifle I decided I’d just pick up a Charger.

I splurged and got the takedown model. I’m not sure if this was the right choice, but I like the idea of being able to easily, and toollessly change barrels. So, if some time later, I wanted a shorter barrel, or a 16 inch match barrel, I could switch between them.

Often, online, I’ve seen people lament the new plastic trigger group housings. But I don’t recall every seeing a story of one breaking. The trigger in this Charger is much, much better than the one in my 10/22 rifle. Not great by any means, but not absolutely awful like my old 10/22.

I took my Leupold 3-9x off my old 10/22 and threw it on this rifle. Much to my dismay, I had to max out the elevation adjustment in order to get this gun to be point of aim, point of impact at 25 yards.

I was shooting some old Remington “golden bullet” bulk pack. After the first couple of rounds were fired, when I got the gun zeroed at 25 yards. I fired three rounds touching. I was rather happy until my next group. The rest of the groups today were rather lack luster.

This model comes with the type of extended mag release I like, but the magwell of this charger is tight. The mags don’t easily drop out, and I struggled to insert the old 25 round Butlercreek mags I have. I gave up on trying to use them.

My previous experiences with UTG products have left me thinking very little of them. I tried to keep an open mind when I use the UTG bipod that came with the Charger, but even when I first took it out of the packaging the finish was shoddy and damaged.

But to be fair, it does what it is suppose to do, it works as a bipod. But I quickly decided I’d rather shoot the charger off a rest.

Anyways, I enjoyed shooting it, but I realized I’d like it better with a brace. I need to figure out why the elevation adjustment is maxed out. Shooting it silenced was nice, but the barrel is long enough to make the bulk pack ammo super sonic so this was noticeable louder than a suppressed short barrel .22 pistol.

I ended up just unloading the Butlercreek mags. They didn’t even want to seat correctly in the Charger’s tight magwell.

7 inch can with a 10 inch barrel still made for a larger gun.


I like it.
I want more mags.
I want a mag loader
It is silly that the 15 round mag is 3 times the size of the 10 round mag, but only slightly smaller than a 25 round mag. Would rather have three 10 round mags or a 25 round mag.
I’d like to have a shorter barrel for silencer use, maybe 4.5 inches or so.
I’d like to have a railed forend for use with a bipod and or laser for plinking.
A brace would really help with consistent head placement with the scope.

Ruger Weapon Case

I splurged and bought something. Picked it up today.

It came well packed in a nice box, this box was packed in a discrete unmarked box for shipping.

Inside was this Ruger weapon case. It feels lightweight, so I don’t know how well it will stand up to abuse, but I like how it feels.

The zippers have a place a lock so you can lock the bag closed(not that someone couldn’t rip/cut it open).

Opening the case, you can completely unfolded it. You can even fold it back over to have the insides facing out should you want too. One side has two large flaps and three zippered pockets. The other size has some padding, and is covered with hook and loop material. There are also several various accessory attachments that come with the case.

There are three large velcro straps so you can secure items in place. One small velcro strap, and one small loop. I think the loop could fit the end of a barrel. There is a round pocket that can fit a barrel, or flashlight, perhaps a pistol mag. There are two spacers with foam inserts you can use to support the items in the case. I think you could easily slide out the foam and might be able use them to hold double stack pistol mags or similar sized items.

There was a bunch of little items and Ruger paperwork in the case, I almost missed the sling carrying strap for the case that was at the bottom of the pocket. They also include a safety lock and chamber flag for your gun of choice.

I’m really liking this case. As I was moving around the velco attachments, I was thinking I might use the case a fair bit. My only complaint was going to be the Ruger logo on the front. I’d rather be more discrete.

But Ruger already thought of that. They made their logo on the front a velco tag you can remove or replace.

You could easily have a compact gun secured in the case, and have mags, a little ammo, perhaps a pistol or two in the zippered pouches. If you really wanted, you could stuff another gun on the other side of the flaps. But the flaps don’t provide 100% separation between the sides, so if you did the guns would rub up against each other a bit. Wouldn’t be the best choice for two expensive guns, but it would work for some cheap beaters.

I’m looking forward to using this case.

I think this sort of things helps prove that this isn’t the Ruger of Bill Ruger’s days.

Oh, and the case also came with a gun.

Surfing for Dolpins

marines should carry their own shit


At one of my units, we got this staff sergeant as our platoon sergeant that was rather incompetent. It got to the point that many of the members of the platoon were making fun of him to his face. While I didn’t like him, or respect him, I tried to be tactful and polite. Due to this, when he had orders for the squad leaders, he would sometimes come to me, and have me relay the orders to the squad leaders. I think he was afraid of them.

A leader he was not.

To thank me for being polite, he fucked me over really good. He got moved to one of the S shops. When I finally got orders to another unit, my higher ups talked to me and had a conversations sort of like, “You’re not a bad marine, but you’ve fucked up too many times. So we are going to lose your disciplinary paperwork, so you can have a fresh start at your new unit.” Well ssgt dumbfuck sees me checking out at the S shops, so to help me, faxes over all my paperwork to the new unit. He told me about how he sent it all over, with a big smile on his face, after he did it. Gets me started off over at the new unit in trouble for paperwork not matching up.

Now let me give you a side story. We had these forms we did monthly that had 3 sections. One section was if you did something really bad. That was almost always blank. One section for if you did something extraordinary exemplary. That was usually blank. Last section was suggestions for improvement. You always had suggestions for improvement as there is always room for improvement.

At some point we got a new command, which seemed to happen quarterly. This new command decided that that room for improvement section would be used as a list of failings. These failings, would be used to non-rec you. etc.

To the main story.

marines should carry their own shit


There was this ultra miserable week long field op we would do. A week might not sound bad, but it isn’t the duration that was the problem, it was the activities. But that isn’t the critical part of this story.

At some point one of the high brass realizes that the leadership has no idea what the peons actually have to do. So, now the plt sgts and plt cmdrs suddenly had to do one of each field op.

Yea, that lasted about two months.

Usually, due to the inclement conditions, we were given two man tents, the Eureka type, to provide shelter during the minimal periods of down time.

My team mate for this field op was a salty ol’ lcpl who looked like a stoner, acted like a stoner, but was a professional killer on the rare occasion he felt like it. Motivation or desire to be a good marine had long left him, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable of it. I think he was tired of the bull shit. When there was real work to be done, he was impressive. Let’s call him lcpl. Shocker. Team mates shared a tent.

Per the course of this field op, we were completely muddy and messy. Someone shocker and I each had ended up with a tent when they were being issued out. Being covered with mud, I suggested we use my (issued) tent and the first couple of nights that we had the time to set up a tent, Shocker and I used my tent and got it full of mud. Many of the other marines choose not to use a tent due to the somewhat decent weather.

About halfway into the field op, we are going to have an easy night, but rain is expected. So we stop and set up tents. Most all the mud has dried and flaked off us, so we are somewhat clean. At least not muddy. So I suggest we use Shocker’s tent. He agrees. Since they are so fast and easy to set up, I tell him I’ll set it up my self, while he grabs supplies. I think he was grabbing MREs for us.

As he comes back, a couple minutes later, I almost have the tent set up. Word is coming down the line that if anyone has an extra tent, that someone needs it. I tell Shocker to pull my (muddy) tent off my pack and take it to whom ever needs it. I tell him to tell the other person, “marines should carry their own shit”.

Well he comes back, and moments afterwards, a message comes down our line for me to see ssgt dumbfuck.

Mind you, this whole series of events up to now has taken something like 5 minutes.

I report to him, and he is holding that tent. I immediately realize he is the guy who didn’t have tent. He tells me that I told Shocker to tell him something. He tells me to repeat what I said.

marines should carry their own shit


He is clearly unhappy. I think he was going to try and make an example of me. He has me summon my Squad Leader. He tells me to tell my Squad Leader what I said.

marines should carry their own shit


Now, I had a really good Squad Leader at the time. A real leader, good guy, and an excellent bullshit shield.

He instantly realized what was happening. He called over the other team leaders.

The other Squad Leaders show up.

My Squad Leader, smirking, tells me to repeat what I said.

marines should carry their own shit


I could see dumb fuck watching me as I spoke, looking smug, waiting for the leadership to tear into me.

We had a Cpl, close to picking up Sgt., who was a real top notch guy. He was squad leader of 3rd squad. With out hesitation, he bursts out with righteous indignation, loudly, “DAMN STRAIGHT!”


I think my Squad Leader was smiling. I have a suspicion that 2nd Squad Leader immediately figured out what happened. The ssgt, with out saying anything, motioned to dismiss us. As I was walking away, this Corporal was still loudly demanding to know who was the shitbag not pulling his weight. ssgt slinked away, with his (new to him) muddy tent.

He carried his tent for the rest of the week.

At the last evening, it had rained on us. We were all soaking wet, and cold. It was suppose to get very cold that night. So we set up tents.

I liked setting up the tents, so I set up ours quickly. As I was staging my pack and the like, I saw my ssgt was strugging setting up his tent. First he wasn’t experience in setting up one of these tents. Then, we was clearly freezing, his hands shaking, unsteady enough he was struggling with assembling the tent. I then realized he wasn’t going to be able to do it.

I walked over, and assembled his tent for him.

Yeah, I hadn’t yet learned my lesson about why we never give aid or shelter to our enemies.

Surfing for Dolphins

Quick one.

Some time after I got to Quanitco, armpit of the marine corps, I had to check in with PMO. PMO is an acronym for an organized group of buddy fuckers.

I can’t recall why we had to check in with PMO, never checked out with them.

Anyways, at the front desk, there was this really old guy, who was a private.

Now I don’t mean military old, as in 30, I mean real people old, like in grey haired retiree.

So I asked around what the story was. I got told that this guy was drafted for Vietnam, and went AWOL. Finally years later he wants to draw social security, but can’t. So he turns him self in. The punishment he got was being forced to serve out the rest of his enlistment. So that is why we had this geriatric private working the front desk at the police station.

I heard he later got promoted to PFC. Good for him.