The Knights Armament End Plate QD Swivel Mount (Part No. KM24103-1) is way over priced and obsolete. Now there are QD endplates that are significantly cheaper and get the QD swivel in a location where it doesn’t rub against your hand as much.

That said, I absolutely love the look of this old part when used with a Magpul CTR stock.

Long ago, in some of the M16 chopped down to be survival rifles, and KAC also produced some pistol grips where an A2 grip was cut down. I had an extra A2 grip that was in really bad shape so I tried taking it to the band saw and the belt sander and cut it down a bit.

The smooth short grip allows me to choke up higher on the gun. For a smaller light weight set up like this pistol it gives a good bit of control over the gun. I like it.

But much to my annoyance, there was a little void in the plastic where the A2 nub was. So now that it was ground off, there is a little void in the front of this grip. That is going to annoy me as long as I use this grip.

Runaway Sub Cal Popa Survival 410 Shotgun Kit

Runaway Sub Cal Popa Survival 410 Shotgun Kit

Well that is a name that just rolls off the tongue.

When I saw this, I thought it was a joke. Still think it should be one.

This is a kit to build a single shot .410 shotgun that would be completed at home using some various pipe fittings. The kit costs $119.99 from this site, and you would need to procure some pipe fittings. The major draw of this is that you can buy the kit and have it shipped right to you with out having to have it go through a dealer.

Shows how silly our gun laws are. Personally, I think it would make more sense to pick up a used shotgun locally. But it is always good to have options. I wouldn’t pay $120 for one, but I am sure there is a market for it.

Colt Goody Bag

I wasn’t a Colt fan until after I met Shawn. I had owned most of the other brands at that point and didn’t see the point of owning a Colt. Having met Shawn, his rabid Colt fanboyism rubbed off on me. Now most of the AR15s I own are Colt.

Why? Simply because I have had less trouble with Colt than other brands. Not “no trouble” but less trouble.

Anyways, I bought another Colt AR last year, and finally got it in this week. I’ll talk about it more later, but here is a teaser.

I like how the Colt used include a nice kit with each AR15. However in 2013 as a cost cutting measure they changed and reduced the kit to help keep the rifles price competitive with all the cheap low end ARs out there. I believe this kit was made back in 2012, as the kits were changing but not cut down yet.

This particular kit came with:

  • 2 30 round P-Mags
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Silent Sling
  • Manual
  • QD Sling Socket
  • Magpul RVG Vertical Forward Grip
  • 3 FDE Ladder Covers

In one way I wish more firearms would come with full kits of support equipment. But the simple truth of the matter is that most of us won’t use most of what comes in these kits. By leaving out accessories Colt was able to shave down the price a bit, and we can then buy what ever we want to use separately.

Build a 9mm AR15 Pistol, I don’t like it.

Bottom Line Up Front: 9mm AR moves more than 5.56 ARs, made me not like the 9mm pistol configuration.

Long rambling explanation below:

Recoil has multiple components. There is the muzzle rise AKA muzzle flip. There is the rearwards force. There is also the intensity or how drawn out that recoil is. Some guns are a push and some are snappy.

For example, some say that .40 S&W has less recoil than .45 ACP, but .40 is snappier due to the recoil being in a shorter time which can make it harder to control.

The Colt pattern 9mm AR15s are blow back operated. Because of this they have heavier bolts and buffers giving them a good bit more mass moving during the recoil of the firearm.

So these blow back 9mm AR15s (well this does apply to all blow back guns) have a more violent recoil then the rarer pistol caliber carbines that are not blow back.

Note that I said “more violent”, not just more or bad. These 9mm ARs are still pleasant to shoot, especially due to the greatly decreased muzzle blast.

So where am I going with this? When I finally got out and shot this 9mm AR pistol I found it moved a good bit with each shot. Shooting accurately was easy. But shooting fast wasn’t.

I was surprised at how well I shot the pistol off hand. Using the iron sights and also an Aimpoint, I was easily shooting tight groups, nearly cloverleafs at 5-20 yards. In hindsight I really should have kept that target. But the gun moved so much off target with each shot I was really off-put by the whole experience.

Now if I had a pistol brace it would probably be a whole different story.

Anyways. I decided I am going to sell this 10.5 inch 9mm upper, and just replace it with a full 9mm rifle. Maybe a Colt 6951. And I have already swapped the pistol over into a 5.56 configuration.

Feet don’t fail me now

I’ve had bad luck with Bates brand boots over the years. Most every pair I had in the military failed with in 6 months of use. Like a sucker though, I kept buying them since I couldn’t find anything lighter or more comfortable than the Bates lightweight boots.

A couple of weekends ago I decided I wanted to do a hike with a 55 pound pack. About one a half miles into it I stepped in some more mud (most of the trail being mud) and I tried to scrape it off my heal on a tree root. It seemed like it wouldn’t come off. Turns out the heel of the Bates lightweight boot crumbled apart. By the time I made it back to the trail head the heel of the other boot came apart.

Now, to be fair these boots are about a decade old, but they had never seen any serious use till now. I don’t think I’d ever got them dirty before this.

So, I guess I should check out my remaining pairs of Bates brand boots. Make sure they are not falling apart while they are sitting in storage.