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Tactical Musette Bag

When you want a Modular Assault Pack or zip on pack but have a taste for the retro or are just poor, slap a...

Prep Rant: Let’s Argue

So I saw this meme today and it reminded me of some of the stuff I talked about before. I think too many people...

Now also at

The good fellas over at Last Movie Out Post have invited me to join them as a regular writer. You guys know I have...

Pucker Factor , Stories of MACV SOG

If you like my SOG stuff you will really like the book put out by my friend Jason Collins. Jason has put a lot...

User Experience With The Gyrojet Pistol

During the war in Vietnam, SOG recon troops were sent a lot of unique and experimental weapons and gadgets to play around with and...

Let’s Have A Talk About The Website

Lets have a little back and forth. I have been thinking about moving looserounds over to substack. There...

New Bluetooth RCBS ChargeMaster

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – August 25, 2021 – RCBS®, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, has announced the introduction...

A Tragically Stupid War Comes To A Tragic End

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Sunday’s news reports that the Biden Administration mistakenly killed nine members of...

Kentucky Squirrel Hunting 8-27-2021

Friday turned out to be a sweltering day that paid off. I got these four all within 10 minutes. A walnut tree and a hickory...

Bushnell Elite 4500 4X Riflescopes Offer Advanced Optical Performance

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – August 24, 2020 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, has announced the reintroduction of its Elite 4500 lineup...