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Geissele Super Duty KABOOM!

One of the fellas over at the ol B-ARFCOM got his new shiny boutique AR in just in time for it to shatter in his hands from what is obviously a bad round of ammo.

Less than two hundred rounds through it. All Lake City. Third round of the third mag today it went Kaboom. Shooting steel multiple people heard the first two hits then the Kaboom. Upper is cracked, BCG stuck in the upper looks tore up, mag well expanded.”

That’s a big OOF. Press F in the comments to pay your respects.


Rita Camilleri and Jessica

Rita and Jessica Camilleri

You call that a knoive?

An Australian woman repeatedly stabbed and beheaded her mother — who paid nearly $2,000 for an exorcism to vanquish the “demon” from her “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”-obsessed daughter, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Yea. it’s another one of those stories.

“The accused said she wanted to give the deceased a taste of her own medicine,” Crown Prosecutor Tony McCarthy told jurors, news.com.au reported. Seems a little overboard to me.

Rita, 57, was quoted more than $3,600 by a “she wolf” medium to “get the demon out of” Jessica, 27 — but to no avail. I guess it’s probably too late to issue a refund.

“She paid [$1,837] but never got any service, I believe she was desperate for anything to help,” a family friend testified.

The bloodbath happened late at night on July 20, 2019, at Jessica and Rita’s home in St. Clair, a suburb of Sydney.

Jessica used multiple knives to butcher her mother — with some even breaking off — before decapitating her and running outside with her head, which was found in front of a neighbor’s home.Crikey!

The mother’s severed body parts were discovered in the kitchen — including the tip of her nose, McCarthy said.

“I kept stabbing and stabbing and stabbing her,” Jessica said at the time, according to the prosecutor. “I took off her head.”

Cops found Jessica outside, clutching a water bottle and covered in blood.

“She immediately told them she had killed her mother and pointed out the head that was on the footpath,” McCarthy said.Very helpful.


Daily Beast Editor Calls For “Humiliation” And “Incarceration” For Trump Supporters

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

We have been discussing the rising threats against Trump supporters, lawyers, and officials in recent weeks from Democratic members are calling for blacklists to the Lincoln Project leading a a national effort to harass and abuse any lawyers representing the Republican party or President Trump. Others are calling for banning those “complicit” from college campuses while still others are demanding a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to “hold Trump and his enablers accountable for the crimes they have committed.”

Now, Daily Beast editor-at-large Rick Wilson has added his own call for “humiliation,” “incarceration” and even ritualistic suicides for Trump supporters in an unhinged, vulgar column. Wilson declared “[o]nly exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP.”

Not surprisingly, Wilson is a key advisor to the Lincoln Project which was blocked recently on Twitter for abusive doxxing efforts directed at Republican lawyers.  His column captures the level of hateful rhetoric fueled by the Lincoln Project, which is funded by thousands of lawyers despite its attacks on fellow members of the bar for their representation.

“Remember, the Trump GOP is shorn of all ideological and philosophical pretense, and even when Trump leaves office, it’s not over. ‘His cultists’ reign of terror will shape elected GOP members as long as he and his foul spawn walk the earth unpunished. Only exposure, pain, humiliation, and (inshallah) incarceration will lead to a moment of reckoning for the GOP. It should start at the top and work down from there.”

Wilson notes that he is not interested in the “reconciliation” part of “truth and reconciliation,” declaring a “hearty f— no” to people calling for reconciliation. Inside he called for the “motherf—ers” to consider “seppuku.”

Just as I recently criticized Trump counsel Joe diGenova for his rhetoric about drawing and quartering Chris Krebs, I will assume that Wilson is not seriously calling for ritualistic suicides.  However, he is clearly calling for retaliation against Trump supporters as the Lincoln Project has carried out in its campaign.

Others like Elie Mystal, The Nation’s justice correspondent, have called for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to investigate “[a]ll of these moral and ethical failures … and that’s before we get into the actual statutory crimes potentially committed by Trump, his administration, his enablers, and his family.”

The call for a commission to establish the truth of past controversies is ironic given Mystal’s abuse of teenager Nicholas Sandmann.  We previously discussed the case and the example of one such segment involving “Above the Law” writer Joe Patrice in his interview with Mystal, where he attacked this 16 year old boy as a racist.  Patrice agreed with Mystal’s objections to Sandmann wearing his “racist [MAGA] hat.” They also objected to Sandmann doing interviews trying to defend himself with Mystal deriding how this “17-year-old kid makes the George Zimmerman defense for why he was allowed to deny access to a person of color.” Putting aside the fact that Sandmann was not denying “access to a person of color,”  Mystal and Patrice were comparing this high school student to a man who was accused of murdering an unarmed African American kid and even assailing his effort to clear his name as the media continued to label him a racist. Mystal continued to slam Sandmann in postings on “Above the Law.”  In one such posting, Mystal derided Sandmann for filing for defamation. Various media outfits later apologized or settled with Sandmann for their false reporting.

What is most striking about these views is how disconnected they are to the actual election. 

Instead a “blue wave” and the widely predicted Democratic takeover of both houses, Republicans picked up a sizable number of seats in the House where Democrats have been reduced to the thinnest margin since World War II. The Republicans may retain the Senate and won handily in many state races across the country. Roughly 74 million people voted for Trump. I was not one of them, but that is roughly half of this nation. Yet, these writers continue to write as if the nation is now unified in rejecting the policies and priorities of the Trump Administration. It is the distortive effect of existing entirely in siloed media spaces where an alternative reality can be maintained and fostered.

My greatest concern is how the media remain detached not only from roughly half of the country but from reality. It has decided that it will cater to literally one half of the country and foster openly biased narratives of what is still unfolding in this country. As I previously discussed, the loss is considerable since the public now has a deep and widening distrust for the media.  The result is that our media is no longer viewed as a place for citizens to resolve questions over things like contested elections. There is only rage where reason once prevailed.

AttackPAK Viper EDC Belt

AttackPAK designs modular load bearing equipment that lets you build custom kit. They have reimagined and patented what 1st line gun belts can do: Optimum load distribution, light weight, ergonomic shape, stiff, durable, hydrophobic, and modular. The Reaper is a proprietary laminate of reinforced thermoplastic combined with multi layers of Cordura and hank material that is laser cut. The lite-weight version has a smooth exterior and comes in at 1/3 the weight of a comparable webbing gun belt, with all of the stiffness and strength that you need. Compatible with PALS, hook/loop, and slip-on/clamp on accessories for 1.75” belts.

The scalable modular platform is planned for quick use changes and smart investment. With 4 parts you can easily go from pants belt, inner and outer gun belt, or a grip belt over clothing. You can also add the AttackPAK Gravity Pocket and ExoSpine™ to integrate a pack, redistributing weight to your hips and legs, off your shoulders and spine.

The Viper EDC inner belt is a smart looking pants belt that can be ordered in many color combinations from mild to wild. The belt is built with rigid 1.5” scuba webbing base reinforced with 1” webbing. It is fitted with a 1” low profile AustriAlpin Cobra buckle for reliability and durability.

The Viper EDC belt can be ordered covert/reversible with 1.5” loop on the interior surface, or overt with 1” loop on the exterior. The interior of the Reaper has 1” hook to mate with the loop surface on the Viper EDC, making a 2-layer belt that interlocks with your pants belt.

The Delta Grip Pad can be added quickly to wear over clothing. It also has an ergonomic shape and can be attach to any standard hook lined gun belts. The interior is built with stretched rubberized diamond plate to secure the belt in place and prevent ripples or hot spots when wrapped around your waist. The pad is 3” tall, made with ¼” thick firm closed cell foam. When tested in conjunction with the Reaper Belt, the system only gains x% weight after 30 min submerged, making it truly hydrophobic.

For the guys that need lanyard retention, the Reaper belt can be ordered with 1” load rated AustriAlpin Cobra buckle and continuous 1” tubular webbing on the exterior surface. The weight of the belt is still 50% of a comparable webbing belt.

The Reaper has all of the features that you need in a gun belt, including rigidity.

AttackPAK, Denver Colorado, has been developing gun belts with pack integration for almost a decade. Their focus has been to eliminate redundant weight and improve ergonomics to reduce burden and better protect war fighters. Their products create a system that can be user customized, making cross over use for Police, 1st responders, shooting athletes, and outdoorsmen a natural.

For more information and to order a Reaper Gun Belt, visit AttackPAK.com.

Cyber Monday: receive your Reaper Gun Belt before Christmas. $99 introductory offer is a great incentive. Use “SSD” as a discount code at checkout. www.attackpak.com/collections/belts-and-frames/products/reaper-gun-belt