Seems many of you have not been updated yet.

The new website has been up for about a month now. You can find the daily content you are used to gettting from me over there. It’s easier to use, its faster and cleaner with no problems with it going down for hour at a time.

Essentially its but improved. The regular commentors are all over there and Duncan, BAP45, Brent and soon to be, Watters are all over there posting as usual. If you donated in the last 2 months, thats what it went towards. I think you will enjoy it. I know change and different things are hard, but you will be pleased.

I won’t be posting new content here at looseorunds any longer, and all of my legacy content has been moved over to Same with Duncan’s legacy posts.

Whelp, thats it for me from looserounds

Thanks for reading my articles here, hope to see you over there. 07


  1. Hi Shawn, I am looking for an article in the October 1998 Precision Shooting magazine about the Marlin 1895 action. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I think i have that issue. let me dig it up, in the meantime if you want to contact me, do it through the page, I wont be over here anymore

  2. See you over at scattershots. If you find the article and can e-mail it , it would be greatly appreciated. Love the new site.


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