On today’s episode of (almost) useless stuff Karl buys on the internet, I present a John Giles Customized Colt Super 38. . . .slide. . .yes just the slide, Now, note it is not a 38 Super any more, as Giles opened the breech faces up to accept 38 Special Wadcutter, often rechambering the original barrels etc. At Some point in the 80s the Barsto 38 Super barrel was fit to it, likely to make it more usable for action pistol games. . .but the breechface is still much wider than ideal for the Super, I suppose it may work sorta kinda. . .but it would appear at some point all this folly was given up on, and this slide and parts cast aside. . . Sadly the original Giles Customized and certainly beautifully mated Frame is lost to time, as is the wadcutter pipe. . . .


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