As always B-ARFCOM can be counted on for a thread on guns used during the recent oopsie for Biden.

“ITAR says if you take your personally purchased night vision out of the county it’s a federal crime.

But the government can leave pallets of night vision out to be scooped up by the enemy and it’s no big deal.

You get caught here with a machine gun and life as you know it is fucked.

Government can stack machine guns to the ceilings to be handed out to our enemy and again… no big deal.

What a joke.”


  1. Nobody in Afghanistan has the brains or education to produce a pot to piss in, let alone make weapons.

    I’m looking forward to this being forgotten in short order. The Afghans will go back to raping their goats and living in caves, and the world will forget about them, as they deserve.

    • Bruh, Afghanis just withstood 2 decades of occupation from the preeminent world superpower and its coalition of ZOG-Globohomo Axis of Sodomy, so:
      a) don’t underestimate them, they have more balls than the subjects in the “Free World” (TM)
      b) direct your sodomy jokes toward ZOG and all its colonies (USA, Canada, all of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc). At least the Taliban nominally bans gay shit, ZOG actively promotes it and ruins anyone who even criticizes it.
      Sodomy and child rape and poppy/heroin production thrived like never before under ZOG occupation.

      Note that ZOG also wants most of these same Afghanis coming to displace and rape the goyim. See how this works? Invade the world, invite the world.


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