1. Not that I really care, but a big part of it might also be status/flex.
    Using a vanquished enemy’s weapons, and particularly those of ZOG, does have some psychological effects.
    Symbolism matters.
    That is why ZOG goes to great lengths to smash, eradicate and outlaw symbols, flags, cultures, monuments and entire peoples that are not willing servants to it. They are the ultimate iconoclasts.

      • In many regards, probably. At the end of the day, it’s a rabbit hole of relatively little consequence. Competence, mindset, physical fitness, comms, teamwork (or having team mates in the first place lol) etc., etc. are all much more important in the grand scheme of things.
        And above all that, knowing what the fuck one is fighting for (Pro-Tip: fighting in any capacity for “America”/the military/PMC complex = fighting for ZOG, and ultimately against one’s own people).

  2. Meh, the pictures I’ve seen make it look like some use one and other use the other.

    I will say that after 20 years of American/NATO police/military training, trigger finger discipline has improved dramatically among Talibs. So you can’t say our 20 years there was *all* undone in a weekend.

    • Unlikely. The most recent events didn’t happen in a vacuum. This is the end result of the last 20+ years (and frankly, a preferable result to continued fagging up Afghanistan via corrupt child-raping heroin dealers who work for ZOG)

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