I am subscribed to a sub-reddit group called r/MilitaryPorn and received a post notification for this a few days ago. I found the photo pretty interesting because it gives us a glimpse at the progress made by China in improving their military capabilities.

Chinese SOF operator with the new QCQ-171 smg, chambered in 9mm

From what little information that is available on the internet, the QSQ-171 is a derivative of the export CS/LS7 with QSQ-171 being the military designation.

Chinese CS/LS7

I noticed right away in the image that the soldier has a helmet mounted NV monocular, helmet mounted illumination, red dot sight/holographic sight on a riser mount and suppressor. Many people rush to dismiss the improved capabilities of the Chinese and the Russians while we have had our heads in the sand of Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 20 years. We must start taking the improved Chinese military capabilities seriously or our arrogance will be paid for in blood some day.

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