First, let me say this. You should not go to the PDF linked below and use it to print yourself out a vax card like these. Be sure to use card stock paper when you don’t do it.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As more places require proof of vaccines, more fake vaccination cards are turning up.

The FBI said anyone caught using one will face charges.

State and federal leaders are cracking down on people making and selling fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

You can buy them online. One Twitter account called vaccination card said its selling them for $25. It then takes you to the Telegram app where you’re prompted to send a message.


  1. Unfortunately my Vaxx card is real.
    I’ll be seeing a neurologist next week to find out if anything can be done about the side effects (Moderna).
    I hesitated for months before getting the shot and took a gamble.
    Playing the odds simply means you win more often and lose less often.


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