I guess this means we can sue Mexico for criminal aliens, drugs, violence an murder.



MEX­ICO CITY — The Mexican government sued United States gun manufacturers and distributors Wednesday in U.S. federal court, arguing that their negligent and illegal commercial practices have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico.

The unusual lawsuit was filed in U.S. federal court in Boston. Among those being sued are some of the biggest names in guns, including Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc.; Barret Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.; Beretta U.S.A. Corp.; Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, and Glock Inc. Another defendant is Interstate Arms, a Boston-area wholesaler that sells guns from all but one of the named manufacturers to dealers around the U.S.

The Mexican government argues that the companies know that their practices contribute to the trafficking of guns to Mexico and facilitate it. Mexico wants compensation for the havoc the guns have wrought in its country.

The Mexican government “brings this action to put an end to the massive damage that the Defendants cause by actively facilitating the unlawful trafficking of their guns to drug cartels and other criminals in Mexico,” the lawsuit said. It noted that the vast majority of guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico were trafficked from the U.S.

The sale of firearms is severely restricted in Mexico and controlled by the Defense Department. But thousands of guns are smuggled into Mexico by the country’s powerful drug cartels.


    • Cap’n Mike, I don’t think you can sue FedGov without their permission.
      On the other hand Mexico could sue Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch Et Al for violating international law, conspiracy and as accomplices to 2,000 odd murders.
      This is Kaqbuki and may well have been encouraged by US Officials.

  1. Then I guess it’s okay to sue the Mexican gov’t for allowing the drug cartels to run rampage over our Southern border, transport illegal aliens into our sovereign country, and kill American citizens.
    After CivWar 2.0, we can go after Mexico…


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