I need to give you guys a little update for this week. All day today I was locked out of the website. so was everyone else, unless they were already on the site and logged in. WordPress locked the login page because a huge amount of attempts to gain access from some nefarious group or other. Probably those infamous “Russian hackers” no doubt!!!!

Anyway, the point is that it really put a serious case of crotch rot for the posts for this week. I do the vast amount of work on the site on Saturday and Sundays and schedule it to go live throughout the week. I then update with more topical subjects during week nights.

Whelp, can’t do that if I can’t even log into the website. I just now (1030PM EST) was able to log back in. Nothing I planned to post has even been added to the website, since I had to wait all day for the security lock down to end and let me log back in.

I didn’t even expect to get back on tonight. Don’t expect much tomorrow and probably Tuesday. Not from me at least. By Wednesday, things should be caught up and back to “normal”.


  1. So you got caught up on Friday with a blonde Russian hooker and a case of Bourbon, then woke up a couple days later and realised what time it was? 😊


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