Case Of Monkeypox Turns Up In Texas


I guess we better go back into a complete lock down again!

CDC health officials are now working vigorously to trace contacts of anyone directly exposed to a Dallas resident who recently returned to the US on a trip to Nigeria. The man is now in isolation at a Dallas hospital after testing positive for an extremely rare disease known as Monkeypox – said to be the first ever case of its kind in Texas.

It’s also the first case seen inside the United States in two decades, with the last significant outbreak in 2003 including 47 reported human cases. The infected person flew into Atlanta international airport on July 8, and then on to Dallas Love Field the next day.

Dallas health officials have declared there’s “no cause for alarm” given monkeypox has a lower fatality rate than smallpox. The two diseases are similar in that they can cause a severe rash which lasts for about a month. But the rash causing large swollen bumps all over the body appear particularly nasty and painful-looking in the case of Monkeypox.

However monkeypox may not be as easily spreadable given it’s carried by rodents or other animals and human-to-human transmission is through bodily fluids and respiratory droplets. 

NBC details further of the rare disease:

It usually takes seven to 14 days after a person is exposed to the monkeypox virus to develop symptoms, according to the CDC, which begin like many other viruses: fatigue, fever, headache, muscle aches.

Within a week of symptom onset, an infected person develops a bumpy, raised rash that often spreads to the entire body. The person is considered contagious until those raised bumps have scabbed over and fallen off.

It’s this lengthy period in which a person may not know they have it which may allow for a rapid undetected outbreak.


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