Twelve FBI Operatives Involved in Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot That Ended With Six Arrests


From the outset in October 2020 everything around the “plot to kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer seemed sketchy, almost silly. The goofy similarities and suspicions were familiar to those who remembered the sketchy October 2018 “mail bombing plot” that involved Cesar Sayoc.


Add to that suspicion all that was known about the FBI’s intense political motivations found in their activities over the past several years; including the sketchy attempt to frame candidate Donald Trump for a vast Russian election conspiracy, coordinated with the opposing candidate, Hillary Clinton; and well, suspicious cats were increasingly suspicious of the FBI engineered mess.


Well, as the vast Michigan kidnap conspiracy now reaches court with six indicted co-conspirators, today we discover there were twelve FBI operatives, apparently ‘informants‘ is the new lingo for paid FBI enlisted civilians (pay attention Patrick Byrne, I digress), working inside the group on the plot.


Yes, you read that correctly, 12 FBI ‘informants‘ amid a group that had six arrests.

Put another way twice as many FBI operatives as there were Acme militia plotters.

Hey man! Want to come over to my militia meeting? On Tuesdays, we have imitation crab meat.


  1. It does feel like there is no realistic way to do any group activities that don’t involve long time known people. Unless someone comes up with a Fed filter.

  2. Precisely none of these groups are actually serious revolutionaries. Those guys are still on the sidelines, watching.

    What you’re seeing now is theater; the real players aren’t even beginning to get involved. The time to start worrying about an actual effective revolution is when actual professionals like our beloved Hognose start getting their gear on. That happens? LOL… Baby, they done lost the war before it begins.

    If I wanted to really know what was going on, I’d be paying very close attention to what all the retired SF guys are up to, the ones who’re actually capable of putting something realistic together. Enough of them get convinced that there’s no other choice than to take action? Katy bar the fucking door. Until then, it’s just going to be street theater with the FBI playing games with wannabe idiots.

    If you’re in a group, and there’s some guy who just showed up awhile back, and he’s suddenly all gung-ho to go do something really real? Three “S” doctrine–Or, you let him think you’re going along with it all, and rat his ass out to some other level of law enforcement. Alternatively, you could just let him show up at the “target” by himself…

    I actually suspect that something very like that is what happened at OKC, and that the suspected co-driver that McVeigh had, and who was never accounted for…? Yeah; guess who signed his paychecks?

    I’ve long heard rumors from multiple sources that what went down in OKC that day was a total surprise for all concerned. The EOD team based out of Tinker had been alerted for “something to happen” well away from the Federal Building, and so were local fire departments who’d been alerted for activity in the same area. Only thing was, instead of where they thought the action was going down, the Federal Building got hit. Surprise was also involved for the guys with McVeigh, because they’d not planned for that big a blast, not knowing about all the “energetic material” in the BATF evidence lockers that created the secondary blast that destroyed the building.

    I remain unconvinced that we got the full story on that whole thing. None of what I’m mentioning here is anything that wasn’t “open source” on the alternative news sources, but the mainstream media refused to look at all the loose ends, just like with TWA 800.

    Used to be that I was skeptical about all the varied and sundry conspiracy theories. These days? Hell, I’m starting to wonder if maybe the conspiracy nuts aren’t going far enough out there…

      • To clarify for the sarcasm-impaired:

        Supposedly, they were all out at the target they thought was going to be hit…

        McVeigh was caught with suspicious speed and ease… Almost as if they knew what he was driving and where he was heading. How they’d know that? Never quite explained, but I think you can fill in the blanks adequately with the theory that the “third guy” involved with building the truck bomb, renting the truck, and who was supposedly observed in the vehicle with him en route to the Federal Building, well… If he was actually a BATF agent provacatuer, there’s a sudden flash of clarity.

        They’ve never explained how the fuck a pair of losers like McVeigh and Nichols managed to build a relatively sophisticated truck bomb like they did on their first try. That’s the “dog that didn’t bark” in the whole mess; I’ve a fair amount of practical experience, some relevant training, and a solid understanding of the theory behind it all, and I’m not even sure I could have done as well as those two “amateurs” did. Considering what was going on in Congress at the time, I’m still of the opinion that it was a “false flag” operation by the BATF or others that went seriously wrong.

        There had to have been some source of the expertise they demonstrated, and that never came out in any of the trials. You don’t get the results they got with straight ANFO, and I’m not the only person that looked at the aftermath and thought that. Several guys I know from the EOD community were on-site in the immediate aftermath, and all of them had the same opinion: There was no way a couple of knuckleheads like McVeigh and Nichols could have possibly done that on their first attempt, absent some really good technical assistance from some third party that was never brought out at trial. Factor in the second person witnesses described in the cab of the Ryder truck, and that third guy at the rental agency and motel…? You have to wonder.

        The really fucked-up part of all this? It’s just as possible that the BATF and the rest of the Feds are telling the truth, and it was all McVeigh/Nichols getting outrageously lucky. However, given the amount of outright lying and obfuscation that’s gone on with regards to this case, you can’t even take the trial transcripts at face value, and the Feds have no one to blame but themselves for all the conspiracy theories that have grown up like cancer over this deal.

        They kept saying “ANFO”, for example, when at trial it came out that they’d actually used a much more obscure technique, one that isn’t as well-known. So, anyone looking at the evidence would say “Yeah, there’s no way that’s just ANFO…”, and presume that they’re lying. Just like with all these incidents, they keep shooting themselves in the foot because they instinctually lie and obfuscate things, instead of getting out in front of the nutters with the truth. At this point, they’ve so thoroughly poisoned the well that even that won’t be enough–Everyone just assumes they’re lying through their teeth.

        Which, sadly, is becoming my default position on anything I see them saying.

    • “If you’re in a group…”

      Ima stop you right there. Any hard-right “group”, meaning to the right of any elected member of Congress, should be considered a .gov honey trap at this point. With what we’ve learned about the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, etc over the last couple of months, there just aren’t any above-ground groups that aren’t shot through with agents and CIs. The KKK, of course, has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of the FBI for decades.

      The future won’t be changed by “groups” that have above-ground presences.

      • any group that a normie knows the name of is 100 percent a FBI honey trap

        any group well known by far right people but not normies is 90 percent a FBI/ATF honey trap

        current real groups are small groups of friends who dont say anything publicly

  3. No mention of the American Communist Party as a wholly owned subsidiary of the FBI?
    Heck, the “New Yorker” ran a cartoon on the subject in the 1960’s.
    Being an informer is a sweet gig from what I have observed and read, but eventually you have to come up with something that will help your boss get promoted.
    In Oakland I had a Red Diaper Baby who was the founder of the “League of Revolutionaries for a New America” living across the street
    He believed in Marx the way some people believe in the Bible or the Dallas Cowboys, pretty much a harmless whacko but sincere.
    And gosh, not long after he announced his willingness to guide the Masses to a glorious future he got a sidekick.
    A black dude who didn’t really seem to have a job but could always come up with airfare and enough $ to stay at a decent hotel or motel when there was a gathering of the like (Feeble) minded.
    Having met my share of hustlers cheap and expensive I found the whole situation amusing.
    I had a little fun with Peter, bought him an NRA membership and subscription to the “American Rifleman”.
    A twofer, messed with his head and the Fibbies heads.


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