1. I just LOVED the way Janet Psaki’s announced that the White House was flagging Facebook post and having Facebook remove them.
    Yup, it’s a tremendously effective Public/Private partnership.
    Like the Fusion Centers.
    And Gosh, the budget for the 1033 program is being doubled, great news for the King’s Men.
    The merger of Big Business, Organized Crime and our beloved Public Servants has a name.
    And it isn’t Communism.
    Mussolini called it Corporatism.
    Corrupt Totalitarian assholes are Corrupt Totalitarian assholes no matter what they call themselves and the ones running the USA are both spectacularly incompetent and consumed by Hubris.
    The rectification of names is an essential first step in trying to understand our world, as is the understanding that we are talking about Power and Power relationships as they exist.
    Nothing is more addictive or as harmful as the human lust for Power.
    And never underestimate Human stupidity.

    • If you’d shipped a random sample of today’s political headlines back to my 1988 self, I’d have assumed that we’d lost the Cold War and there was some group of Soviet generals or apparatchiks running things in the USA.

  2. John, go back a few decades and the assholes were speaking German and Japanese.
    If you go far enough to the right you meet crazy leftists and if you go far enough to the Left you run into crazy right wingers.
    They quite often swap one excuse for being an asshole for another ( Jump from Red to Blue and back again), but they are the same Totalitarian assholes.
    The lust for power and control comes from fear and that fear, at bottom, comes from a lack of Faith in God.

    “Faith without works is Dead.”


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