Black Rifle coffee sides with the left. Again.


Still buying shit from the DudeBroVets?

They marketed themselves to Second Amendment supporters exclusively via tribal identity politics, but their donations lean left and their vitriolic language toward us is solidly in Antifa territory. There are cases where the left goads us into eating our own — i.e. people who are actually useful to us, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz — and there are cases where the left goads us into NOT eating them. This falls pretty clearly in the latter category.

The left started a war with us (on behalf of globalists), and we’re not going to win it by following a Swiss neutrality principle like we’re somehow maintaining an optimal peace that no longer exists. They wanted this. “Oh, but you’re becoming just like them!” No. Violence in self-defense is different from unprovoked aggressive violence, and you can apply the same aggressive/defensive distinction to fighting words, boycotts, cancel culture, etc. Cycles of violence can be difficult to trace back to the root cause, but at the end of the day it’s the left who’s the obstacle to a ceasefire: I’d be overjoyed if they want to go back to peacetime political neutrality in the free market, but they don’t. We’re left with what we’re left with.


    • I’ve known about BRCC for quite a while, but have held back from purchasing anything from them largely because they’re a wee bit too “DudeBro” for me to be taken seriously. For example, in a tactical pistol course I took recently, while the rest of us were in blue jeans or standard tac pants, one of the students attired himself in complete military surplus desert BDUs, MOLLE vest with plate carrier and pouches, full Batman belt with kydex everything (left/right holsters, several mag pouches, comms), gloves, bump helmet, knives, lights, etc. Looked light he stepped right off the cover of Tacticool Magazine. That’s kinda how I envision BRCC.

      “DudeBro”. Ha!

  1. Gee, what a surprise. Jews on the “right” (lol) incensed that a filthy lowly gentile goyim (Rittenhouse) had the audacity to repel Antifa pederast Jews (Rosenbaum was a Jew, as is the organizational and funding core of that organization).

  2. Rhetorical question: I wonder if the Jewish owners of BRCC are fine with Jewish ethno-nationalism (which necessarily entails bombing Palestinians – some of whom are Christian, by the way, for some of you knee-jerk-reaction guys who are understandably triggered by Islam, despite the worst forms of it being the closest allies to the US/Western governments as well as Israel obviously). I mean, if White nationalism is so morally repugnant, surely Jewish ethno-nationalism would not only be as repugnant, but more so. Hmmm, yeah, I think I know the answer.

    • I didn’t know anything about Hafer or BRCC. But I do know that the stupid Nazi morons who whine BS about “Jewish ethnonationalism” are the same as the jihadi loving communist ignorant scum who support the so-called “palestinians” who want to exterminate the ONLY Jewish nation state, even though there are fifty six Muslim nations these stupid Nazis and their communist allies never say anything about.

      Get this into your stupid shrunken brain.

      The modern day rebuilding of Israel (which was the land of the Jews for millennia before Islam and while you and your stupid ancestors were humping rocks and sheep) was not created “because of the Holocaust”.

      The Holocaust “was because” there was no modern state of Israel.

      If Hitler arose today this time he gets a .308 in his brain or a nuke up his ass.

      Which if you had half a brain means if Israel wanted to wipe out the so-called “palestinians” THEY’D ALREADY BE DEAD.

      And that’s right, you achmed himmler wannabe ahole, I’m a God Bless America Jew, and I support Rittenhouse, the 2nd Amendment, closed borders, and traditional family values, and I shit on antifa, BLM, jihadis and on stupid nazis.

      • “you and your stupid ancestors were humping rocks and sheep) was not created “because of the Holocaust”.

        Exactly what group of people’s ancestors are you referring to there?

      • @Bterclinger

        Your hasbara is weak.
        No mention of Judeo-Christian sumthing to cover up your ‘double’ loyalty.
        Try harder next time.

      • LOL. Hey everybody, get a load of these tricks. A Jew accusing Jew-wise goyim of being Communists. Nice try. Communism stems from the tribe. Mordechai Levy (“Karl Marx”), Bronstein (“Trotsky”), Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, all the Rothschilds, Yagoda, Lavrenti Beria, Moses Hess, Rozenfeld (“Kamenev”), Apfelbaum (“Zinoviev”), Jacob Sverdlov, Yankel Yurofsky, Solomon Lozovsky, Wallach (“Litvinov”), Lazar Kaganovich, Ana Rabinsohn (“Anna Pauker”), Karl Radek, Ilya Ehrenburg, Jacob Berman, Saloman Morel, Bela Kun (real name Cohen), Tibor Szamuely, Matyas Rakosi (real name Rosenfeld), Saul Alinsky, and it goes ON AND ON AND ON.

        The holocaust narrative must be tooooooooooootally true because it’s literally illegal to even question in many parts of the world and de facto illegal in the rest. Yep, that’s how you know something is true, when it’s illegal, right?

        The jig is up, the clock is ticking. The goyim know, and there’s nowhere left to run and hide this time.

  3. I don’t know much about the whole Jewish angle. What seems most repugnant about these guys is their eager willingness to attack and throw under the bus whole swathes of people the left has falsely set up as racist boogeymen. Because they love that money and are super eager to portray some fake middle of the road, moderate, we love to be whatever won’t get us cancelled character. I see Black Rifle CC places and products popping up all over and plenty of guys I know that are oblivious to this crap are all about it. Cause, guns and the military and like, tactical coffee, y’know bRuTheR? I refuse to purchase any. I hope these nutless, low intellect turds self destruct and get cancelled both by their customer base and the left.

    • The “Jewish angle” is the only angle. You cannot find a single war, coup, large corporation, media organization, NGO, or anything that matters that isn’t rife with Jews and/or their fingerprints/puppetstrings.
      Jews aren’t afraid of getting “cancelled”, by the way. Jews who’ve been caught raping children, stealing billions of $ get pardons/clemency and are eagerly welcomed back to the community and don’t skip a beat. The only exception is Jews who steal $$ from other Jews (e.g. Bernie Madoff). Stealing from and raping the goyim is not only fine nut highly admirable.
      It’s getting more and more overt by the day, and anyone ignoring it is demonstrating that they do know about it because they deliberately avoid the obvious.

  4. One could see this coming from a mile away.

    BRCC has never been anything other than a riff off that DudeBro lifestyle gun idiot, what was his name? Dan Bilzerian, that’s it.

    These types of people don’t have any ethic other than one: make more money. That’s it. They’re loyal to no one and nothing. They’d sell their mothers to a Turkish seraglio if they thought they could get a nickel by so doing. They don’t know shit about guns other than what fits their DudeBro lifestyle, ie, something that looks like an AR.

  5. I cancelled my subscription yesterday. Bty, there is way to much hostility here about a “Jewish angle” that is entirely stupid and highly offensive. And you people (Peter) wonder why conservatives have a bad name. Your acting like liberals.

    • Conservatives give themselves a bad name. No one here is a conservative, friend. We’ve all moved way past “conservatives, the NRA and the Republican party and all the other useless cucks.

    • Thank you for canceling your subscription to their overpriced garbage. I completely agree with Shawn however and you will too before long. Maybe the summer of 2015, 2020, and 2021 hasn’t been enough yet (the heat brings out the dindus)but soon enough you’ll see who is behind what is going on.

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