Hate Mail


An anon decided to sound off about his displeasure at my talking about the Communist Tranny lover, Karl at InrangeTV.

Apparently exposing leftists now makes you sound like a leftist.

He amusingly thinks all those screenshots and posts are “fake”, even though they can be found by anyone who cares to look. Very good attempt to gaslight by a karl nuthugger.


  1. Eh,think we need to resharpen the edge,the hate mail just does not have the true hate it had in the past.

    Sure,I get the world seems tougher daily but come on,we need some hate mail with real passion and well…..,hate.

    I will give this some though and try and come up with something truly hateful/offensive/whatever that will fire folks back up!

  2. Well, in case you didn’t get the memo, mentally ill paraphilia transexual chicks with dicks are now Kosher Conservatardism Inc. (e.g. Bruce Jenner), just like sodomites have been for a long time (Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, etc), and like pederasty (already is, since it is part and parcel of sodomy, but they’ll just be more overt about it) will be within a few years, soooooooooooooo that kind of only leaves one political answer to such things (and, no, it isn’t Communism, given that all founders of Kosher Conservatards are the direct bloodline spawn of the same Bolsheviks who murdered millions of ethnic Russians, Ukranians and other Eastern Europeans).
    Judeo-Christian values, goyim!!!!

    • No I didnt get that memo since Im not a conservative. IM so far right I scare conservatives

      Im betting you arent a cuckservative either

  3. *Karl THE CUCK Communist Tranny Lover… Get it straight.

    Remember his Church of Satan girlfriend is polyamorous — meaning “dating” multiple dudes at once.

    • That’s hilarious. I don’t doubt it but can you please show proof of it so I can pass it on to others? Karl wants Christianity gone and in a way it might be nice to have people who are so quick forgive pieces of shit like him out of the way for a little bit. Those who don’t forgive as easily and don’t mind watching natural selection take course can handle the necessary course correction.


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