South African Boogaloo


Some people who live there have said the police have run out of ammo and told citizens they are on their own.


  1. I look forward to some coverage of this, like your coverage of the Hong Kong unrest two years ago. Some main stream sources are covering it, but I don’t trust a single one.

  2. Gee, maybe helping Jewish banksters and diamond and gold mine owning crime families let black psychopaths run wild was the wrong thing to do. Hmmmm.

      • Indeed. And that same, ahem Satanic cabal of cannibalistic, child-raping demons (an accurate description, btw) also controls the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and yes, even China (look into BlackRock’s investments, who owns BlackRock – as well as the symbolism of the name, Sidney Rittenberg, Mao’s funders, the Belt & Road Initiative), so they have the same thing planned for us all – and on an accelerated timeline.


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