In Many Cities In America, The Criminals Are Starting To Gain Firm Control Of The Streets


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Every week the horrendous crime wave that is sweeping across America seems to get even worse.  In some of our largest cities, looting, murder and violence are becoming a way of life, and authorities seem powerless to do anything about it.  Is this what we can expect life in the United States to look like moving forward?  All over the globe, people are watching us, and they are stunned by what they have been witnessing.  Criminals are wildly out of control, and many of our largest cities are being transformed into extremely violent war zones.

For example, just check out what happened in Oakland over the weekend.  According to Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, his officers were completely overwhelmed by “the level of violence and gunfire”

The Fourth of July reeled into “12 hours of non-stop chaos” Sunday night with several victims wounded by celebratory gunfire, a homicide and a massive sideshow marred by gunfire. The night culminated at the sideshow, where more than 200 participants pelted police officers with debris and flashed them with hand-held lasers.

Embattled Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told reporters that the level of violence and gunfire overwhelmed his officers.

Next door, the shoplifting epidemic in San Francisco has evolved into systematic looting.

Sadly, no retailer is immune.  Even though Neiman Marcus has enthusiastically embraced a whole host of “woke” causes, criminals ruthlessly looted one of their stores in San Francisco on Monday

Looters were captured on video Monday ransacking a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco as thefts continue to plague businesses in the area.

At least nine suspects smashed display cases, snatched handbags, and jetted out of the building before law enforcement arrived to the scene at about 6 p.m., according to footage. The suspects were seen running out of the store with their hands full of merchandise before entering an apparent getaway car that sped off down a busy intersection.

If you have not seen footage of the looters yet, you can watch it right here.  This happened in broad daylight, and it is hard to believe that such scenes are actually happening in the United States of America.

At this point, the looting has gotten so bad that some major retailers are taking drastic actions

Walgreens shuttered 17 of its stores in the San Francisco area in the past five years, and the company said thefts in the area are four times more likely than anywhere else in the country as executives budgeted 35 times more for security personnel to guard the chains.

Target executives in the city also decided to limit business hours in response to an uptick in larceny.

But unless they completely close up shop, the looting is going to continue.

Criminals in California have learned that if they keep the value of the merchandise they steal at each store to under $950, they won’t be charged with a felony even if they are caught. 

So now we are witnessing a wave of retail theft that is unlike anything we have ever seen before…

SF Police Lt. Tracy McCray pinned the blame on DA Chesa Boudin (whose parents were part of the radical and violent Weather Underground, and left two police officers dead during a botched heist). According to McCray, Boudin’s “criminals first agenda” is responsible for the uptick in crime.

“What happened in that Walgreens has been going on in the city for quite a while,” McCray said in June. “I’m used to it. I mean, we could have a greatest hits compilation of people just walking in and cleaning out the store shelves and security guards, the people who work there, just standing by helplessly because they can’t do anything.”

Up in Portland, the street violence just continues to get even worse.

Earlier today, I was saddened to learn that a very generous man that had put up a pop-up swimming pool for the homeless during the heat wave had been viciously stabbed to death

A man whose ingenious pop-up swimming pool kept the homeless cool during the recent heat wave was fatally stabbed in the same spot just one day later, according to Portland police.

Officers identified Tyson L. Morlock as the man who was found stabbed in the inner eastside Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood at Division Street and Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard around 3:37 a.m. on Thursday, July 1.

He tried to make Portland a better place, and now he is dead.

Of course so many people are being murdered these days that it is extremely difficult to keep up with all of the carnage.

In Chicago, this holiday weekend was the most violent weekend that we have seen in 2021 so far, and that is really saying something…

Every July 4th weekend police in Chicago brace for an uptick in violence – even more than is usual when typical weekends average about 40 shootings – and this holiday weekend was no different, easily registering as the deadliest and most violent this year given the total death count. New York City has also been witnessing a steady uptick in seemingly random shootings and violence, including brazen acts committed in broad daylight in heavily trafficked areas, such as the recent Times Square wounding of a US Marine.

On Monday the Chicago Sun-Times has tallied 92 people shot over the long July 4th weekend, with 16 killed. The Sun-Times database shows the numbers killed to be a weekend high for all of 2021 so far.

There are certain areas of Chicago that are essentially “no go zones” at this point, but of course the same thing could be said about the worst parts of many other major U.S. cities.

As I discussed the other day, it is being reported that murder rates in our largest cities were up by an average of 30 percent in 2020, and as of a few weeks ago they were up another 24 percent so far in 2021.

Ordinary citizens are begging our leaders to “do something” about this enormous wave of violence, but at this point nothing seems to be working.

If things are this bad now while the U.S. economy is in “recovery mode”, how bad will conditions get when the next severe downturn comes along?

It is heartbreaking to watch our society come apart at the seams all around us, and I have a feeling that what we have witnessed so far is just the beginning.


  1. Well, I don’t even live in America, but I’ve got a bad feeling, so I went and bought a thousand dollars worth of powder, primers and projectiles last week. I’ve got the ingredients to make about 10000 rounds of ammo, plus I have about 5000 rounds of factory ammo of all calibres in my safes.

    I feel happier after stocking up, but I’d still like more.

  2. Get rid of the police departments, fully and permanently, and then allow citizens to tool up and deal with the problem.

    Productive citizens will need some guns, ammo, some open land and a few backhoes or mini-ex’s. They can probably have the crime problem cleaned up in a couple of months.

    As it stands right now, the police are on the side of the criminals. The criminals and their left-wing agitators are cheek-by-jowl with the cops and the cop unions in supporting the DNC. It is now quite apparent that the police are no longer interested in enforcing the law, but highly selective application of the law for political ends of their union/DNC masters.

    Defund the police. Fire them all. Claw back their pensions, sell off their equipment and toys. Be done with them.

    • I don’t think they’ve thought through the most probable outcome after “defunding the police”, which is extensive and draconian vigilante action.

      People forget–Back in “ye badde olde dayes”, it wasn’t just asshole white supremacists that were engaged in lynchings. Everyone did it, and some of the parties doing the lynching were black. Clayton Cramer has been going through old newspapers, and he’s turned up a bunch of not-in-accordance with stereotype events that were documented in the news of the day.

      All those young black males they’re bemoaning being “locked away” by evil whitey? Brother, most of those stupid jackasses are going to wind up dying at the hands of their fellow blacks for their crimes, once the cops go away. It’ll be like South Africa, with its impromptu “neckacings”.

      The unpleasant truth is, as an overall aggregate thing, the cops prevent more killings of blacks than they commit. That fact is going to become brutally apparent to a lot of people if this BS ever actually happens. It’ll be even worse once the Mexicans get involved.

      Lot of people don’t know their history. Of the 10 million or so blacks that were slave-traded to the Americas, only around 388,000 came to what became the US. Some 200,000 went to Mexico, where they were put to work as overseers over the natives who were enslaved by the Spaniards. They managed to earn a reputation for brutality that rings down to this day, and that’s why the Indio and Mestizo Mexicans hate blacks with a passion. Most of them don’t even know why, they just know it came down from the ancestors…

      Do note that by 1860, there were just under 4 million blacks in North America. In Mexico, the documented 200,000 blacks taken there pretty much just vanished, by comparison. There are reasons for that… Which will become apparent to the Black Lives Matter people once the hispanic majority comes to power. By then, of course, it’ll be just a little too late.

      I have a feeling that things are gonna get right sparky, come about 2050 or so. I further predict that we’ve seen the high-water mark for black America, and that from here on out, they’re going to look like blacks in Mexico: Nearly invisible. If you can’t pass for white or brown, you’re gonna be in trouble.

      Funniest thing about it all? It ain’t going to be the “white man” doing any of it. It’ll all be the other minorities who’re tired of the bullshit, and who are already way more racist than your average white ever was, historically. White slaveowners would go down and sleep with their property; despite their basic racism, they considered them human enough to sleep with. Mexicans? LOL… Nope. They’d rather just slit their throats and call it good.

      There’s a lot of harsh memories still hanging around in the native Mexican culture, stuff that the ethnic Spaniards don’t remember, or even “get”. Those days in the mines under black overseers are well-remembered in terms of animosity, if not details.

      It’s a damn funny thing, too–The majority of people who’re oppressed don’t really resent the oppressors all that much. The people they hate? Their own people who turned on them to get in with the oppressors, and whoever the oppressors brought in to help. That’s why the Germans are remembered in Norway without a lot of animosity, and the collaborators who were Norwegian got the noose as soon as the war was over. To this day, you’re better off being a German tourist in rural Norway than one of the Norwegians whose ancestors became turncoats, if they’re identifiable. Friend of mine didn’t know what his grandfather did during the war, went back to his home village in Norway to “trace his roots”, and, well… Yeah. That’s how he found out why his grandfather left Norway in the first damn place, after turning in Resistance members for the money. My friend had no idea, and I think you can work out what the results were, when he announced his name and said he was “looking for his roots”. He and his wife damn near didn’t make it out of town alive, per his description of it all. I’m sure he exaggerated it a little, but the animosity and the memory was there. The local German commander? He and his family used to vacation in that village, after the war.

      • “The unpleasant truth is, as an overall aggregate thing, the cops prevent more killings of blacks than they commit. That fact is going to become brutally apparent to a lot of people if this BS ever actually happens.”

        It’s already happened. The spike in the murder rate since George Floyd died has been almost exclusively black-on-black. I don’t have the study handy, but somebody looked at it and found that #BLM agitation over the last year decreased the risk of black men being killed by the police and increased the risk of black men being killed by each other. One of those risks started small and got smaller, and the other risk started moderate and has grown pretty large. The numbers are clear: BLM has gotten a very, very large number of black people killed by pushing cops off the streets.

        And DG, an Anglo society is never not going to have something like cops. If the cops disappeared overnight, most orderly communities would form committees of vigilance and take care of problems. But DC would rather declare the next Civil War than let that happen. No, “Defund the Police” is just a strategy for taking policing out of the hands of local cops and local prosecutors and mayors and city councils and putting it in the hands of the people who spied on Trump and the people who shot Ashli Babbitt. If you think local cops are on the side of the criminals? Wait till the President sends in the new Imperial Prosecutor and the Committee for State Security.

        It looks like the national Dems are backing off of “Defund the Police”, but it doesn’t matter. They’ve already rendered local cops toothless, furthering their goal of anarcho-tyranny. If they can’t put the Capitol Police in charge of your block, they’ll settle for the Crips or the Sureños or even just the local tweeker troublemaker.

        The decades-long decline in America’s murder rate was probably the greatest achievement of late-20th century American governance, and they just gave it all away for political ends. Never forget that.

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