Sky News Shows Taliban Seizing Abandoned US Bases & “Treasure Trove” Of Weapons, Ammo


So the lessons here are a few. The US should have been out of that shithole by summer of 2002 at the latest. Or better yet, never really put conventional troops on the ground at all. The US gov is wasteful morons. 20 years of absolute waste and grifting and fraud, all so Israel will be safer in some way. What a pointless waste of money and lives to enrich congress-shitbirds and their pals. IF it upsets you , don’t worry, I’m sure they will find a way to get tropps back over there soon enough. Or some place just like it.

From Zerohedge

Simultaneous to global headlines spotlighting the hasty “in the middle of the night” US forces quitting Bagram airbase for good, which briefly resulted in looting as Afghan security was caught by surprise, Sky News has aired exclusive shocking footage of the Taliban seizing freshly abandoned US bases (or perhaps not-so-shocking considering the constant follies of America’s longest ever war).

“The Taliban are on the march and gaining territory at an astonishing rate,” the Sky News segment narratives. “They smell victory,” the report says. “They want to show us the treasure trove of military riches they seized with it.”

That’s right – Taliban militants will gear up for the expected offensive on Kabul and other key parts of the country with fresh US-supplied RPGs, rifles, and ammo that were hastily abandoned by exiting US forces. 

“Many of these boxes supplied by Americans haven’t even been opened before the Taliban got to them,” the Sky report continues.

A Taliban commander was heard saying, “It does help us a lot to have a lot of new weapons to use in battle.” He went on to estimate some 900 guns obtained from one US base alone, as well as 30 armored Humvees and 30 pick-up trucks. Likely thousands more have been collected elsewhere. This as the Pentagon has estimated some 90% of US forces have now departed.

Gleeful Taliban: Look at all of our wonderful American toys!

Naturally, the pressing and outrageous question remains: why did the Biden administration and Pentagon fail to secure all this military hardware that can now be used to kill Americans and their Afghan allies and civilians?

Below: screenshot of Taliban commander reading the weapon’s markings: “U-S-A!” …he proudly and mockingly declares…

Meanwhile, as BBC reports the Taliban continues gobbling up territory

The Taliban have entered a key city in western Afghanistan as they continue a rapid advance before Nato troops leave.

All government officials in Qala-e-Naw, provincial capital of Badghis province, had been moved to a nearby army base, the local governor told the BBC.

He said the militants were moving “towards the center of the city” and there was heavy fighting with government troops.

And they are freeing prisoners everywhere they go – adding more terrorists to their ranks: “Local sources told the BBC the Taliban moved on the prison in Qala-e-Naw and freed about 400 inmates, including more than 100 of the group’s fighters.”


  1. No surprise at all.
    Tyhe US has given hundreds of Millions of $ to Al Quaeda and provided them with more hundreds of Millions worth of Military Equipment as well as the province of Idlib in Syria.
    And yes, the Taliban was originally backed by the CIA.
    Need I mention the thousands of firearms solde to the Mexican Drug Cartels at the behest of the US DOJ?
    It’s OK for Al Quaeda, the drug cartels and the Taliban to have advanced military gear, but it is NOT OK for the average American to own a gun.
    Apparently cops in the US are under armed, the Biden administration just doubled the budget for the 1033 program.
    It’s to protect the children and has nothing to do with the proposed Domestic Terrorism bill…

  2. Just another episode in the downfall of America. Why was the booty not destroyed if not going to be taken? It was a gift from the Biden Admin to the Taliban.Just like Mexico was given guns by the Obama admin. Get ready to protect your small patch of ground, with no help coming.

  3. Here’s the Obama-Biden admin in a nutshell: Guns for drug cartels and Islamist radicals, but no guns for American citizens.

    I, for one, am shocked that the .gov and the .mil couldn’t figure out how to de-wat this stuff before withdrawing. After how well they ran the campaign against the Taliban, to see us lose in so dramatic a fashion is a huge surprise.

    Sarcasm aside, the only real surprise here is that we are actually leaving.

  4. It’s the same thing the Obama admin did in Iraq…

    Failure was guaranteed when they cut the mentor unit deployments, cut the monitoring of the Iraqi government, and told the Iraqis to release all the prisoners at Camp Bucca. ISIS was a creation of the Obama admin, and I suspect a planned one. Too many things conspired “coincidentally”, to make that happen for it to be mere chance.

    The Iraqi Army we’d spent years building was DOA after Obama; he cut the mentoring, he cut the financial monitoring, and that led to the Shia government not paying the troops so the trained guys that were in place just evaporated and went home. All those guys you saw surrendering to ISIS and getting killed? Mostly raw, untrained recruits with a smattering of “other” in there. That was not the Iraqi Army we built up; that was gone as of about 2010.

    Same thing is going on, more-or-less, here. Although, I think the Iraqis had their shit together a little more…

    Main point? Afghanistan was never the center of gravity in this war. The war’s main focal point was the ISI in Pakistan, and we never engaged them in any real way. They’re the ones running the Taliban, and have been from the beginning.

    The more I look at it, I think Afghanistan has been a fraud from the beginning–Even more than Iraq. What’s going on now is simply the aftermath and clean up of the evidence–They’ve maxxed out what they can loot, the politicians here in the US, and there are no Burisma-like sweetheart deals. So, they’re cutting their losses and pulling out.

    Thing to note here is the essential insanity, from a military standpoint: What’s the first thing you get taught in Counter-insurgency 101? “Deny the insurgency safe harbor and backing”.

    Just what the fuck have we been doing, with all these educated idiots running things? We’ve steadily been looking the other way, while ignoring all the Pakistani support and funding for the Taliban. WHILE WE PAID THE FUCKERS BILLIONS IN MILITARY AID.

    Does that make sense? Are the people running this shit really that fucking stupid?

    Nope. It’s a fucking scam–The handwriting is on the wall, particularly with that Pakistani IT guy that Wasserman-Schultz went to so much trouble to cover up. I’d wager long money that if you go looking, there are huge kickbacks and contracts going to the connected relatives of congresscreatures galore, and there have been billions transferred to their accounts through Pakistan from our military aid to them and the Afghanis.

    Christ, look up that entire deal with the Italian cargo planes if you disbelieve me, or almost anything else with regards to contracting over there. Afghanistan has been a cornucopia transferring money from American taxpayers straight to the corruptocrats and politicians, almost from day one.

      • That’s a conclusion I’m coming to, as well. I mean… Saudi hijackers, Saudi assistance to the hijackers, Pakistani complicity in giving the OK to al Qaeda… And, we go after Iraq and Afghanistan, in full knowledge of the facts that Afghanistan only served as a safe harbor for Saudi nationals, and Iraq at best only did some cheerleading?

        Yeah. At the time, I thought it was a ju-jitsu stroke: Take the toys away from ISI, destroy Middle Eastern totalitarianism by establishing a legit Arab democracy in the middle of it all. Yet, we did nothing to actually foster positive outcomes from either theater, and I’m coming around to the idea that it was an opportunity for graft that they just couldn’t resist.

        Why else not isolate Afghanistan and go after ISI? That’s the center of gravity in that theater, not the hinterlands of Afghanistan. Why else not clean out the corruption in Iraq? They could have; they did not.

        Facts speak for themselves. Scam and graft, that’s all it was, looking back at it.

  5. We’ve reached the point where a bunch of peckerwood rednecks running around in the woods with Ruger carbines has more military common sense than our ‘professional’ military. We know that civilians with guns are more competent than cops are, and now it appears that snaggle-toothed peckerwoods are more competent with guns that our vaunted military.

    ‘Competence’ includes knowing where your weapon is and who has access to it. Somewhere, someone must have made a rule about “not leaving weapons and material around for the enemy to use” during a retreat. If not, then maybe those ring-knockers from the academies should look into this idea…


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