Sergeant At Arms, Timothy Blodgett accidentally CONFIRMS Lieutenant Mike Byrd killed Ashli Babbitt.


There is your man. This isn’t a surprise. The identity of The King’s Man has been more or less know for a few months now in certain places online. Of course the news media pretended to not know. Byrd is a known shitbag with a history of being a Top Man in the most retarded way possible. Glock left in the public restroom etc.

Now we count down to see how long it takes google to scrub this guy and all articles from the web.



  1. He is one of the King’s Men.
    Yes, he shot a smaller unarmed woman to death because he was scared and didn’t know what else to do.
    That doesn’t matter.
    He has a record of incompetence and negligence, but that doesn’t matter.
    He is one of the King’s Men.
    That matters.

    • It’s all police accountability all the time. Until one of the police shoots one of ours for getting a little uppity, and then it’s Back the Blue the whole way down.

      It’s not about defunding the police and it never has been. It’s about putting their people in charge of the police.


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