San Jose IGNORES Second Amendment, TAXES Guns, THREATENS Confiscation



  1. It’s California.

    And it’s also San Jose, a larger but much less appreciated city with an inferiority complex, trying to outdo San Francisco in, well, anything they might have a chance of success with.

  2. San Jose has a different flavor of corruption than the rest of Northern California and the SF Bay Area.
    It’s the only Bay Area City where the Mafia made serious inroads, the Bonnano Family did OK there, but the Mob was seriously outclassed by our native criminals everywhere else in the Bay Area.
    It was some of the finest farmland in the World when I was a kid, now it is an expensive shithole with poisonous air and groundwater.

    • I spent a fair amount of time in Silicon Valley for business a few years back. It was a very strange place. Nice restaurants would have you order at the counter and hung up signs requesting that patrons bus their own tables. I assume it was because they couldn’t find busboys for less than $25/hour.

      The homeless encampments were outrageous. You’d turn a corner off a main road and all of a sudden you’d be driving by a literal shantytown: tarps hung everywhere, scrap plywood. Acres of it. It was like the Grapes of Wrath. I couldn’t believe I was in the USA.

      We would often stay in modest homes being let as AirBnBs, and they were normally estimated on Zillow as $1 million or more. This is just ordinary family housing stock.

      It was clear that it was an early view of the third worldization of the USA: an elite class and favelas and nothing in between.


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