New Poncho Liner: Water Test


So I put the Dragoon Unlimited “Trooper Woobie” to a water test. It is billed and constructed to be a more durable, warmer and wind and water resistance. The Dragoon Multicam/Trooper poncho liner is made with a polyester instead of nylon outer. This material change is what lends the added benefits. To test the water resistance I set out the new liner and an older surplus one and hit them with the hose. To make it easier to see the water I put a strip of toilet paper inside each liner.

I used some toilet paper to highlight the water penetration.
Gave them a good spray
Comparison of the saturation or lack there of.
Soaking in a bit on the surplus
Beading and pooling on the Dragoon
It doesn’t come through right away but after a few minutes it’s pretty wet on the inside.
And some patting and a few minutes it’s still pretty dry, just some seepage and the seams

So after giving the two liners a good spray you can see the difference between them. Now the water did not just go right through the surplus one like a screen it did take a minute to soak through, so if you repeat this test bear that it mind. I also gave each piece of toilet paper some pats to move the process along. I say that because at first when I peeled back the surplus liner the paper was still dry which surprised me but shortly it was soaked. Where as the Dragoon Unlimited liner saw very little water penetrate. Just some slight seepage along the stitching. So for a light rain or mist you would likely be fine. Would be pretty helpful if you had to sit or lay on wet ground too.

So it seems the “Trooper Woobie” works as advertised. If you want to get your own If your own they are available on Amazon. FYI though, only the Multicam poncho liner has the polyester outer shell, the Rhodesian Brushstroke and M81 Woodland are traditional nylon liners so they wont have the water resistance.

Make sure to check out my overall review and field test too.


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