Old Colt Commando Duty Rifle Build, Part 1


For some time, I have been thinking about building one of my old department issued patrol rifles. Building an exact copy is very hard to do these days as some parts, markings and features have all changed. I also wanted to build and get new or almost new condition parts and accessories. I knew this would be difficult as a lot of what I wanted has not been produced for well over a decade or has been out of production for that long or more. New Colt 11.5 commando’s have been built with .750 FSB’s with a bayonet lug, since 2013, and the barrel, upper receiver and lower markings are different from the older Colts. This made me hesitant to just build something close or buy a new Colt SBR that would not give me the exact look and feel of my old setup.

I carried a Colt LE6933/RO933 11.5″ Commando for several years in the early 2000’s. This rifle was one of my daily carry and firearm instructor rifles. A few months ago I ran across a gun store that was closing and had a New Colt LE6933 upper in inventory. They had stripped the lowers from the uppers and had taken them off the NFA registry to purge the inventory for closing. They were selling the uppers and I found these were pre-2013 uppers with the .625 FSB with shaved bayonet lug. This would be the exact upper with the same markings as the rifle I carried almost 20 years ago. The owner told me he had a few of these LE6933’s in storage since 2012 when a local department purchase fell through and he decided to just keep them for an investment. The price was right and I jumped on it. This started my quest to build my old duty rifle and source all the original parts, (Light, Optic Mount, Optic, Rail & Sling), as the upper was the most critical component.

In future Parts, I will update what original accessories I sourced to complete the build. For anyone thinking of finding older accessories or parts to build an old nostalgic firearm, there is a lot of time spent on finding a purchasing hard to find items. When starting this project, I reached out to a few LooseRounds members, as well as friends with contacts in the firearms industry/community, to help me keep an eye out for what I was looking for. Because of their assistance, so far, I have been able to source parts and accessories that were all new in box. Thank you, (You Know who You Are).

Having said all of this, in this Part 1, I will go over the upper.

The upper was received with a removable carry handle, which is what I was issued originally, before adding a BUIS and Optic back in the day.

Colt LE6933 w/Carry Handle

(F) Marked Height .625 FSB skinny barrel, with shaved Bayonet Lug.

(F) marked .625 FSB without Bayonet Lug

The C MP CB marked barrel indicates, it is a (C) Colt 1/7 twist, (MP) High Pressure Magnetic Particle Inspected, (CB) Chrome Lined bore barrel.

(C MP CB) marked

Colt (W) marked barrel, with white dot.

(W) barrel marking with Colt white Dot.

You can see the original packaging grease on the Bolt, Firing Pin and Cam Pin in the next two pictures. Colt (C) marked extractor.

(C) marked Extractor

Colt (MPC) High Pressure Magnetic Particle Inspected Bolt.

(MPC) marked Bolt with Colt white dot

Colt Bolt Carrier. Hard to see in picture but it is (C) stamped on the side of the carrier.

Colt (C) Marked Bolt Carrier

(M4) marked upper indicates M4 cut feed ramps on the upper receiver.

(M4) marked upper receiver

Colt (C) marked upper with Keyhole (Cerro Forge) upper.

Colt (C) stamped (Key) Cerro Forge upper
Colt white (T) marked upper receiver

New Mil-Spec Dry-Film Lubricant and Chrome Chamber M4 Feed Ramps.

Mil-Spec Dry film lube / M4 feed ramps


Getting this upper really sparked my endeavor to find all the original parts and accessories on one of my old duty rifles. It has, so far, cost me a little more than I would normally spend on a modern equivalent, but it has been fun so far. Actually, spending time with some of the older accessories on this platform has reinforced, (What works, Works!) and I have used some very old accessories for a long time on more modern rifles. Hopefully everyone is interested in seeing the progression on my old duty rifle and the final completion.



  1. Very cool
    To think stuff from the turn of the century is now old and becoming desirable. Glad I’m a parts hoarder and never get rid of anything.

  2. I just completed the same build except I just could not stand the look of the big fat oval M4 handguards, so I put a set of the earlier small diameter CAR round handguards on it, looks way more proportional especially with the small diameter barrel, and I have small hands so it feels a lot better. When you get to the lower, I’m not sure exactly when Colt transitioned to the waffle type stock from the N 1 stock (I think it was 2003) so you could go either way for your build, but like the fat hand guards I don’t like the look of the waffle stock, to me the old N 1 fiberlite stock looks way better. If you can’t find an original Colt N 1 fiberlite stock or can’t stomach the price (they are going for $250-300 now) I found as close a copy as I have seen in the B5 Systems produced repro sold by Brownells. B5 Systems is the same company that produces the SOPMOD stock for the US Military. I love the proportional look of the Commando, the 11.5 inch barrel is just right, the 10″ looks too short and the 14.5″ looks too long (the 16″ just looks silly). Also, I found the H2 buffer and standard carbine spring work the best with mine, ejects at 3 o’clock, still locks the bolt back on the last round, provides a slightly softer recoil, and is easier on the gun. Again I know it’s not correct but the old aluminum 20rd. mags looks way better with the overall compact package of the Commando than the curved 30rd mag sicking way out the bottom. Good luck with your build.

    • he was making a copy of the gun he carried in the polcie a the time, he wasnt trying to put together his idea of the ultimate commando.

  3. Lighten up Francis, I was just throwing out some suggestions based on my personal opinions and experience building somewhat the same configuration of gun. I am confident that in the end he will build whatever version of the gun he wants. If I may, one more suggestion 🙂 I put a LaRue MBT 2S trigger in mine, highly recommend that mod., super nice trigger pull, almost as nice as a Geissele but quite a bit less money.

    • why is it that every time you point something out to some internet commentor when they didnt get the point of an article they always respond with “lighten up francis” when in fact they are the one who got asshurt?

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