Donald Rumsfeld Dead At 88 Press S To Spit


“It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Donald Rumsfeld, an American statesman and devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. At 88, he was surrounded by family in his beloved Taos, New Mexico,” the statement read.


  1. Bruce, Gore Vidal laid it out in the early 60’s.
    “There is one party in America, the Property party”
    I’m a little tired of Wars started on the basis of lies.
    Forever wars and trillions spent benefit who?
    Things are a tad askew when the wealth of 3 Americans is equal to the wealth of 169,000,000 Americans, aren’t they?
    Rummy was a loudmouth incompetent asshole.
    Name a few of his big policy successes, shall we start with Iraq?
    NONE of the people in charge give a runny shit about the Constitution or the Rule of Law and that includes almost all members of our glorious congress.
    Rummy was typical of the kind of “leaders” you see as an empire dies.

  2. My adopted nephew was part of the Jarhead protective detail at Camp David during 43’s tenure. He said Rumsfield was pretty much a self-entitled arrogant ass around them and prone to yell at underlings, among other things.

  3. I dunno… I’m ambivalent about the man. Like a lot of people, he got the full negative attention of the press and all the lying left-wing shitheels out there, and I think that a lot of the positive thinking I have about him stems from that. If those assholes are down on him, well… He must be a good guy, right…?

    On the other hand… Rumsfeld had his fingers in a lot of pies during the early days of the “War on Terror”, with both good and bad results.

    Shinseki and the other generals did not want us to go into Afghanistan without the usual “Big Army” total superiority package. They outlined some ungodly and entirely-impossible-to-support package of conventional forces, and Rumsfeld and a few others forced the much more lightly footprinted SF option down their throats with great struggle. Turns out, Rumsfeld was right about what it would take to get the Taliban out of Afghanistan.

    Then again, he was the main driver behind the “austere” force planning that had us screwed up for years in Iraq. One thing he did was scratch a bunch of support units off the TPFDL (Time-Phased Force Deployment List) that led to the logistics being screwed for years. One element I know for a fact that got deleted were the guys who were supposed to be running the container yard there at Doha in Kuwait. Because there was no dedicated unit there, that yard wound up being run by a bunch of folks who knew nothing of the requirements, and it turned into a two-mile-on-a-side morass of confusion stacked five-six containers deep. By the time we got there in April of 2004, that place was like the Black Hole of Calcutta–Your shit went in, and it might-maybe come out again, but… Probably not. Multiple field- and flag-grade officers saw their careers end in that yard, and all because good ol’ Don thought they didn’t need the unit that would have prevented all that over there during 2003. Took until around 2005 before a hot-shot Aussie chick unfucked that place, and KBR had to poach her ass off some major port in the Pacific basin, and pay her an entirely unGodly salary plus bonus and perks to do the job. Factor in what all was spent fixing it? It would have been exponentially cheaper to have deployed that logistics element to Kuwait in the first ‘effing place.

    My opinion on Rumsfeld is that he did a bunch of good things, and a bunch of bad things. I think he meant well, but in some respects, he was operating well out of his range of expertise. The dude with a “naval aviator” background is rarely the guy you want working anything other than an airplane or a flight deck, ‘cos they’re not brought up in any sort of logistics background, especially for really large-scale operations like invading a country.

    Didn’t help that the less-than-bright Bush didn’t greenlight the Turkish Army to coup Erdogan when he was offered the opportunity… Erdogan repaid him by fucking us out of the northern option for Iraq, and a lot of the logistics crap that clogged Kuwait stemmed from that. We were supposed to have had a port in Turkey to support most of Northern Iraq, and then used Kuwait as a secondary supply line. That didn’t happen, and I have to blame Erdogan first, and then Bush second for wanting to be a “nice guy” and keep Turkey “democratic”. We all know how that ended…

    Come to think of that, it’s more than likely that that is what Bush will be remembered for: Failing to allow the Turks to coup Erdogan back in the beginning. Wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen, in a few years… Of course, most people don’t even know that happened, let alone the significance of it all.


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