61.39% of US counties are now 2nd amendment sanctuaries



Having abandoned hope that the federal government will take any meaningful action to protect Second Amendment rights, all across the country local jurisdictions are taking matters into their own hands. There are now 1930 counties in the United States that have declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. That works out to 61.39% of all the counties in the United States, and the number is increasing almost daily.

This county-level movement is on top of the growing trend for entire states to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. At least fifteen such states have done so already, and Wisconsin is contemplating such a move right now.


  1. The left opened themselves up to this with the sanctuary city nonsense with the illegals.

    Watching them twist over it is hilarious – especially if it comes up in conversation.

  2. I await the shock and surprise when nobody pays the least little attention to this, when the time comes.

    They’re psyching themselves up, in much the same way that the Nazis psyched themselves up to do what they did. The arguments are circular and self-reinforcing, and as divorced from reality.

    Interesting thing is, when the Nazis did it, they were going after a demographically tiny set of minorities. These dumbfucks are trying to implement the same thing on half the country, while being so spread out among their planned victims as to make the whole thing look like a badly-plotted thriller. I expect a short, sharp shock, followed by vicious internecine slaughter that’s going to look positively biblical, once people figure out that these assholes really do mean what they say they mean, when they let the silent bits get said out loud.

    The aftermath is what’s going to be interesting. If you live in a blue-majority area, things are likely to get real spicy, and the transitional zones in between red and blue are going to be even more so as the situation resolves itself. Urban America is going to undergo some significant changes, and I don’t think they’re gonna like the outcomes.

    Stupid fuckers can’t math their way out of a paper bag, and it’s gonna get ugly.


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