More Exploitation Gun Marketing


Since it has been declared that the citizens need F-15 to defend themselves Centurion Arms has stepoed up to help people gear up to protect their families and loved ones from the tyrannical crime syndicate!!! Each F-15 comes with 3 selector options!! “no nuke” “nuke” and “full nuke” to give you a full range of defensive options against any storm troopers heading your way!!!!

They will also be donating a portion of each sale to an Ashli Babbitt fund. Ashli Babbitt was a 14-year air force veteran killed by capitol police officer Michael Leroy Byrd on January 6th 2021.


  1. Just as a thought exercise, it seems like a typical elk rifle would do a lot of damage to something like an F-15, as long as the F-15 were stationary. It seems like .mil might have a hard time securing all those F-15s in CONUS outside hillbilly elk rifle range.

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