Colt Night Cobra .38 SPL SKU: Cobra-MB2NS


The famed Colt Cobra revolver design was updated and returned to Colt’s product line in 2017 as the Colt Cobra SKU: SMF20. The first release of the Colt Cobra had a matte stainless steel finish and had an MSRP of $699.00.

In early 2019 Colt introduced the Colt Night Cobra. The double-action only Colt Night Cobra uses the same frame, barrel and cylinder as the previous Colt Cobra SMF20 and is also chambered in .38 Special and is rated for +P loads. The base finish of the Night Cobra is stainless steel with a matte black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. The DLC coating is much more durable and is not supposed to wear over time like a traditional blued finish.

The Colt Night Cobra featured in the Colt 2018-2019 product brochure.
The left side of the Colt Night Cobra. Image courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.

The Colt Night Cobra is optimized for concealed carry use. The slick, durable DLC coating coupled with its signature ‘bobbed’ hammer helps to ensure a smooth transition from a holster, pocket or purse. This design is somewhat reminiscent of the legacy Colt Cobra with a hammer shroud as shown below.

Close-up view of the bobbed hammer. Photo courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.

The front sight on the Night Cobra is a tritium green dot night sight which will provide visibility in any lighting condition. In daylight, the white ring provides a natural point of focus with the green dot visible in low-light/no light conditions.

Tritium front sight…white circle for daylight visible and green dot in low-light. Photo courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.

The Night Cobra is equipped with G10 grips manufactured by VZ Grips. The grip has a relief molded into the top right side to make thumb positioning and grip more comfortable.

Left front side of the G10 grips showing the molded thumb recess. Photo courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.
Rear 3/4 view of the left side. Photo courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.
Right side of the G10 grips. Photo courtesy of Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.
Colt Night Cobra Specification Sheet available at

In the video below, the Director of Marketing for Colt Justin Baldini, gives you a detailed look at the Colt Night Cobra.

At an MSRP of $899.00, the Colt Night Cobra is pretty unique piece that would be a great addition to any collection or as a conceal carry pistol. The durable finish and traditional Colt reliability will serve you well for years to come.


  1. That’s incredibly appealing for some reason.

    Dang it. I already spent the gun budget this month on a couple of boxes of ammo for a class.

  2. I like the grip on those a lot. It mimics the pacmyer compac grips you used to be able to get on the later D frames.

    I still wish they called it the DS3 or something. It really needs an Al frame.

    • If anyone sold grips like that for my LCR, I would buy them. All the G10 grips I can find for it have finger grooves. If I liked finger grooves, I’d probably like the factory grips.

      • Most revolver grips with grooves seem to be made to fit the hands of space aliens rather than humans. They certainly don’t fit my hands.


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