Idiot Glocks himself in the face at gun range


This idiot manages to pop himself in the face. Glock face?

The shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand says the man is very lucky he was not seriously injured and did not hurt anyone else. The man is expected to be OK.

The sheriff added that after reviewing the video, he felt it was important to talk about gun safety and training. 

“The  video shows that he is shooting a 9mm automatic and when he shot, he ejected the shell and it went right down the back of his shirt. So, because that’s hot … he started to move around and his other hand just came and the gun discharged and (the bullet) went through his cheek and out the top part of his other cheek,” the  Geauga County sheriff said. 

The shooting was ruled accidental and the man will not face charges. 

The sheriff, however, hopes the man will get some additional training. 


  1. Many years ago, I was with friends at an outdoor (non-supervised) range on the outskirts of the SoCal desert. Shortly after our own arrival, two men pulled up in their car and proceeded to load up their guns dangerously close to us, so I kept a sharp eye on them. After displaying horribly unsafe gun handling practices (including poor muzzling all over the place), they began to argue with each other over whose turn it was to fire a particular gun they had brought, and one of them attempted to grab it from the other’s hands.

    I immediately scooped up everyone in my group and drove us out of there. You can’t fix stupid, but you can put some distance between yourself and stupid.

  2. “His other hand just came and the gun discharged”

    Now WTF does that even mean? His hand was coming?

    And the usual nonsense about how “the gun went off”, as though it had a will of it’s own.


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