2 New 1,000 Yard Records


Berger Bullets

Congratulations to long range shooter Charles Greer! Charles set two new World Records in NBRSA 1,000 Yard Heavy Gun!1) Single Target Score:A perfect 10-shot 100-10X, eclipsing the longstanding 100-6x record set by Bill Schrader in 2005.2) Single Target Group:2.6566” 10-shot group size, beating the previous record of 3.650” set in 2019 by Tim Height.Charles set the new World Records shooting a 300 WSM cartridge with Berger 30 caliber 220 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target Bullets. His custom rifle is built on a Borden action, with Krieger Barrel, McMillan Fiberglass Stock and Vortex Optic. Charles set four other NBRSA World Records in 2008 and 2010, of which two are still standing, where he fired Berger 30 Cal 210 Grain VLD Target projectiles.


    • Sure, it’s possible. It’s been proven possible since the early 1970’s, when the record-setting 100 yard group of 0.009″ was set in September of 1973.

      • I know you guys have talked about some pretty wild accuracy out of the bench rest guys, but if I’m not mistaken, MOA doesn’t scale cleanly out to 1000 yards due to wind conditions, difficulty making bullets perform across the variety of speeds, etc.

        • You’re correct. To get a group that tight at 1,000 yards takes a lot more than a precise rifle. Being able to dope the wind and reloading to a very high standard. Wind-doping shrinks the group horizontally, and getting your velocities to a very tight range keeps your shots “on the waterline” – ie, a low vertical dispersion.

  1. The skill and the precision involved are impressive as hell, And I’m not surprised Berger bullets were used.
    Look at the size of an apple next time you are in the store and think about doing a William Tell at 1,000 yards…
    And it needn’t be a large apple at that.

  2. 1 MOA at 1000 yards is 10.47″. That makes his group .2537 MOA.
    The X-ring is 2.6175″ or 1/4 MOA. 10 ring is 1/2 MOA and the 9 ring is 1 MOA.


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