Ed Brown Custom Colt



Long before before he had a custom shop that was pumping out dozens of Kobra bobtails, Missouri native Ed Brown was himself a custom gun maker…and a damn good one. In November 1988 I had just graduated from high school and two sequential serial numbered Colt Maxi Comps adorned the cover of American Handgunner magazine. Thirty years later I would comb the world over trying to find one—a monumental task to say the least. Well, I finally found this beautiful example, and to me, it’s just exquisite. It’s all there. Seamless blending of the expansion chamber compensator into the slide, swaged magwell, the exacting slide to frame fit, the (then) revolutionary recessed Brown Beavertail grip safety, hard fit Barsto barrel, hand checkering, all culminating into Brown’s benchmark—flawless reliability and superb accuracy. At the time this gun was built (and perhaps even now) there were/are only a half dozen pistols smiths in the world with the skill and knowledge to build something like this.



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