1920’s Smith Regulation Police 32 S&W


A nice 6 shooter from Karl at KGBcustom.com


  1. Load it with a hard cast offering from Buffalo Bore and you will have a very accurate and easy to shoot weapon and a load that will penetrate to the vitals.
    Not a bad choice at all for someone with a steady nerve.

  2. This is what is known as a “Hand Ejector” – one of S&W’s mode popular early double-action revolvers, This is an exceptionally clean example of the Third Model of the .32 Hand Ejector – which you can tell from the cartridge nomenclature on the right side of the barrel. Earlier models had the cartridge on the left side of the barrel.

    The other way to figure out which model/change of these you have is to look at the patents on the top of the barrel, with the serial number.


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