Hate Mail


A very, very butthurt and salty commenter didn’t like the post about the tranny loving communist, Karl from InrangeTV

Michael comments below.


  1. Personally, I’m not a fan of homosexuals or transgender loonies. I think this is quite normal, and I’m in the majority. Even if I’m in a tiny minority I don’t care.

    I mean I’m quite OK for gay people to do whatever the hell they like. Live and let live. I’m tolerant of them, but I don’t embrace them or their practices…if you know what I mean. I don’t march up and down the damn street parading my preferences, and I’d like others to behave in a similar discrete manner.

  2. Oh goodie haven’t gotten to read any of these in a while.

    Was getting worried sense and reason had taken hold somehow.

  3. I still look forward to the new PSA M-14 coming soon,will be the best rifle out there for the public!

    We really need more hate mail,just trying to do my part!

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