Stop. Caring.


Do what you want. Stop worrying. Stop trying to figure out illogical new rules meant to make it impossible. It is time to stop giving a shit what they say or what new rules and laws they make.


  1. This is the correct mindset. Do what you need to and don’t get caught. That’s the only crime now.

    I’ve recommended to friends that developed a sudden interest in CCW after last summer’s events to just start carrying; forget the permit. Unless you’re a protected class, you’re getting locked-up anyways if you use it, so why bother getting your name on a list?

    Back in the late aughts, I wasn’t smart enough to see this trajectory. It’s gonna get worse.

  2. Hear! Hear! This attitude also lowers ones stress.

    Also, unsubscribed from InRange, after reading you’re article and some my research. I felt violated. I guess I’m prison ready now.


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