Rekieta Law Does Excellent Breakdown of CA AWB Ruling


Friend of the website ,Nick Rekieta had a great video over the weekend talking about the recent Kalifornia AWB ruling. Nick is a lawyer and has turned into a ultra popular youtuber with his videos breaking down law crap. He’s very entertaining as well which always helps.


  1. I took a quick look at the opinion.

    It was very encouraging to see the judge tied his decision back to the SCOTUS cases which upheld the RKBA as an individual right. This has been necessary in gun control cases to strengthen the basis of Heller as case law that is ‘settled’ and ripe for use by other courts.

    The second thing I was happy to see was his dissection of “assault weapons” and AR’s in particular, as some ‘scary’ or ‘military’ rifle. He smacked down the hysteria surrounding “assault weapons” and then smacked it around some more for fun.


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