Full Custom Chopped Remington Rand


Karl Beining

Back in the dark ages, before the internet, and long before the current crop of viable pocketable automatics. . . Gunsmiths with little more than stone knives, Oxy-Acetylene and determination created some amazing stuff. Lots to unpack on this little guy, an RMT Alloy frame chopped, Remington Rand slide heavily molested and chopped. Wayne Novak-ish slide matting and French Border, the Swensight may be another clue. I don’t know whats more enamoring, the fact that they did it, and it lasted this long, or that this thing digested a mag of 185 GR SWC’s without fail, and hit to the sights!


  1. Did that have a standard recoil spring, and if so, how did it function?

    It looks like my Combatmaster mated with my Servicemaster. (Streetmaster?)

  2. Wonderful work. Screws are even timed.

    You can see where the slide was cut and re-welded from the slight change in blueing color. Changes in steel alloy will change the shade of blue.

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