Gun KABOOM Results in Death


Talk about bad luck.

ARCHBALD, Pa. — One man is dead following a gun malfunction at a shooting range in Lackawanna County.

According to the coroner, Robert Hamm, 61, of Berwick, handed his handgun to another man to shoot at the State Game Lands Shooting Range in Archbald. 

The other man fired, but the loading mechanism exploded, sending shrapnel into the air. Officials believe the handgun was utilizing reloaded ammunition.

A piece of shrapnel hit Hamm in the chest. He later died at the hospital.

The other man had injuries to his face but is expected to recover.

Hamm’s death was ruled accidental in Lackawanna County.


  1. When you get killed standing nearby a Kaboom…well…must’ve been a helluva Kaboom, or freakish bad luck. A Handgun too….not like that guy with the .50 Cal recently.

    At least if it was a bad handload, it was his handload and he didn’t kill his friend.

  2. Amazing,that literally describes what is supposed to happen. Was the firearm functional immediately after the “accident” ?

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