NC bill exempts lawmakers, others from concealed gun limits


Can’t even say I’m surprised by this.

NC bill exempts lawmakers, others from concealed gun limits

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Elected politicians in North Carolina who hold concealed weapons permits — including General Assembly members — would be allowed to bring their guns into places that are currently prohibited, under legislation a House judiciary committee approved Monday.

Local prosecutors, judges and court workers already receive special exemptions to state rules that prohibit concealed permit holders from bringing guns to schools, parades and funerals; to any state and federal government buildings, or to any establishments where alcohol is served. Local sheriffs issue permits that last five years. Recipients have to receive special training.

If the measure becomes law, those officials already exempt would be joined by “any person who is an elected official or person appointed to fill an elective office” in North Carolina when “acting in the discharge of their official duties.


  1. What makes them so damned special? I would be willing to bet that the majority of concealed weapon holders have far more training and experience that elected officials do.

    • Some animals are more equal than others in NC, apparently. Actually, they’re simply catching up to us here in CA, where LEOs and politicians are exempt from practically all gun laws the rest of us plebes are required to follow under pain of prosecution.

      • Way to exaggerate and lie about Cops gun “exemptions” in California. Try and keep your AR-15 when you retire or change departments and see what happens…


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