Friday Fun



  1. Macarthur’s bug out to Australia in WW2, leaving his men to a miserable fate and his subsequent self-serving justifications have always damned him in my eyes. He also made terrible and unjustified criticisms of the Australian infantry fighting the Japs in the south Pacific at the start of the war, which never endeared him to me either.

  2. Hahahaha. Karl Kassebaum(autocorrect is probably closer than the real surname-kasarda) is such a loser anti white commie. He had an actual transsexual communist antifa Jew on his show on purpose just to troll his normal viewers. His friend deviant ollam is a retarded looking faggot as well. Karl wants the gun culture, predominantly white/European since they’re the only freedom minded races on earth, to become socialist, pro homo, BLM supporting queers like him.


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