This Glock Vaporware Carbine is making the rounds again



Who even cares anymore?


  1. The annular piston looks… Interesting.

    Aside from that, not much meat here. I think that Glock is past the point of “disruptive technology leader” at this stage in their corporate trajectory, and I don’t expect much more out of them.

    That said, the pistol was a breath of fresh air. Although, at the time, I failed to appreciate it for what it was. That took an unpleasant experience with my Beretta 92, and suddenly the light dawned. For me, at least, the Glock system is a family of pistols that satisfies most of what I need from a handgun. And, while it’s not pretty, it does have the singular attribute of actually, y’know… Working.

  2. In a way they are Colt, Winchester, and many others in the industry who have a core product and they stray very little from it.

  3. I actually find the design very interesting, especially the annular piston assembly which I’ve often thought was a great design choice on the road less traveled when it comes to piston driven semi auto rifles. The overall design returns to Stoner’s true fully straight line recoil impulse while bringing the perceived benefits of piston operation as well as lower height over bore compared to guns like the HK416, ARX, SCAR, and even MCX which is .3″ taller than an AR.

    The downside will be that it will be heavier and more unbalanced than an internal-piston AR. My guess is much of the rest of it will be polymer like the Beretta ARX-100.


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