The Goncz Auto Pistol


Goncz GA-9 pistol, with 30-round magazine, left side view
Goncz GA-9 pistol less magazine, right side view

The Goncz pistol is one of those oddballs that is all but forgotten. Produced during a time when more than a few companies popped up with The Next Big Thing. A time when Calicos and Streetsweepers could be seen hanging on the gunshop wall.

The Goncz GA-9 High Tech pistol was developed by the Goncz Armament Inc (North Hollywood, California, USA), and manufactured in very limited numbers between circa 1984 and 1990. The Goncz GA-9 pistol belonged to the almost useless class of “assault pistols” which, while having the size and weight of a submachine gun, offered the same firepower as a much more compact and comfortable “standard” pistols, used by various military and police forces, as well as by civilians (where allowed by law). The Goncz GA-9 pistol, for example, had the size of Mini-UZI submachine gun, but lacked the folding shoulder stock and full automatic firepower. The simple blowback operation, also borrowed from submachine gun world, resulted in increased felt recoil, and compromised rapid-fire accuracy. In general, GA-9, like many other “assault pistols” (such as Intratec DC-9 or Wilkinson Linda), was some sort of a “poor man’s submachine gun”, and, like others, did not succeed in this field. Unlike some other “assault pistols” the Goncz was apparently well made, but this, maybe, was one of its failing points, as the assault pistols were most attractive for marginal public, which was not ready to spend a lot on weapons.”

The Goncz GA-9 is a semi-automatic, blowback operated weapon. The tubular receiver, reminiscent of a submachine gun, was machined from steel and was integral with barrel jacket. Cylindrical bolt was located within the receiver, with charging handle attached to the left side of the bolt. The grip frame, integral with the trigger guard, was also made from steel. The Goncz GA-9 pistol featured no bolt hold-open device. Manual safety was located at the left side of the grip. Standard magazine capacity was 19 rounds; extended magazines held 30 rounds. The Goncz weapons were also available in carbine form, with longer barrel (about 16″ / 40cm long) and with permanently attached wooden buttstock.”

Type: Single Action
Caliber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded: not known
Length: 381 mm (15″)
Barrel length: 229 mm (9″)
Capacity: 19 or 30 rounds

One of the few things I didn’t at least handle back in the 1980s but always wanted to. I have no idea why now, but I guess because it looked cool to me back then.

The gun has a bit of a complex history to not be many made , with another company making pistols that were basically the same. Claridge Arms being the name. The gun made by them known as the Claridge Hi-Tec. All gone now once Kommiefornia banned them in 1993. Most people, if they do recall. remember it from the film Total Recall.

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  1. Sigh, the American language has been so debased you can call it Commiefornia with a straight face.
    Yes, California Jails a higher percentage of its population than ANY communist state ever has.
    Yes, California is a corrupt one party state run for the benefit of a few oligarchs.
    However, unless you consider J. Paul Getty ( Getty Oil) a communist….
    Take a look at the front men and women running things in California.
    Governor Noisome has been a creature of the Getty’s since birth, Tommy D’Alessandro’s Daughter Nancy has been steeped in corruption since her Baltimore childhood and DiFi ( Read a little about the “Headwaters Forest” in the archives of the
    “Anderson Valley Advertiser”, the ONLY paper with the stones to cover DiFi honestly.
    All Millionaires and Difi is married to a Billionaire.
    It’s about Power, always.
    And that’s all it is about.
    Not “Left” and not “Right”, Power.
    And Politicians are addicted to Power, they act like the most depraved addicts on the face of the earth.
    If you live in a Totalitarian State run by a corrupt and incompetent oligarchy ( Like most of the World) you are screwed.

    I think the two most important books on how California works are “The King of California” and “Cadillac Desert”.
    And if you don’t like California, cheer up!
    Changing snowfall patterns will reduce California’s agricultural production by half over the next two decades, even absent a long term drought.
    In the West water is the key to everything.

  2. One (of many) big problem California is creating for the rest of the country, is that many are moving out of state. They are populating in free states like Texas and bringing their liberal SJW and anti-gun idealogy with them. I fear that they will ruin their “new” states by voting in the same liberal SJW, anti-gun politicians that ruined California.

    I understand background checks when it comes to firearms, I liked living in Texas where you submitted your background check information on the computer terminal and 15 minutes later you were cleared and walked out with your firearm, but I feel that Gun Control should only consist of Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger Press and follow through.

    15 years ago, I used to joke about the whole “Assault Weapon” issue in California. I used to mention that an “Assault Weapon” could kill or injure, but if you took the same weapon and put a Thumbhole stock on it, then it was no longer an “Assault Weapon”, so if fired at an individual, the bullet would curve around the individual so as to not injure them because the Thumbhole stock made the firearm harmless to individuals.

    Unfortunately, California changed its laws and made Thumbhole stock weapons “Assault Weapons”, therefore, now the bullets coming out of the weapon can hurt someone, since the Thumbhole stock no longer makes the bullet magically curve around an individual to prevent injury.

    On the bright side, once they made everything illegal “Assault Weapons” in California, every single gangbanger, murderer, career criminal and psychopath flooded the police stations and DOJ offices to turn in their “Assault Weapons”. They did this because they all follow the law and didn’t want to be criminals by owning an illegal weapon.

    I feel so much safer in California now that I know that criminals no longer have firearms due to Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsome’s legislation, so their is no longer any gun violence in the Golden State…I suppose we can save tax payer money now by eliminating Gavin’s armed protective details, since their legislation made every criminal feel bad about possessing firearms that they all turned them in.

  3. As a California “real native” once pointed out to me, the problem isn’t California; it’s the fact that all the fruits and nuts gravitated there in the post-WWII era, and ruined the place. Now, the cancer is spreading…

    Have to admit, he had a point–His family had been in California since before the Gold Rush, having migrated there about the time of the Sutters–In fact, one of his great-great’s was both an employee of Sutter, and one of his customers for the sawmill.

    And, considering that Nancy Pelosi comes from Baltimore organized crime, wellll… I had to concede his point.

    • I’ve never really bought that argument. Sure, it’s true but doesn’t address that CA is a shit show now. They can’t bring themselves to send illegals back so they certainly aren’t going to send the Okies home. It’s not MY fault is a kid’s excuse.

      • Town down the freeway from me turned out and forced some of the migrant busses to turn around. Got ripped apart in the media for it but they stuck to their guns. Only problem now is they make the dumps secret so the locals can show up to chase them off anymore.

      • The people that voted for it weren’t the California natives. It was the transplants, that came from all over the country because the climate was congenial and all the benefits that the original Californian’s created for themselves.

        I have to admit the man had a point–After they got swamped with all the nutters (and, I don’t include the Okies, either–Most of the nuts came from the East coast, just like around here…), there simply weren’t enough natives to stop them from voting in the stupidity.

        Next time you meet one of your prototypical “California Dreamers” that’s doing something stupid, quiz them about their actual background. You may be rather surprised to find out they’re only second-generation Cali residents, and that Mom and Dad came out of New Jersey or something equally non-Californian.

        I used to be heavily anti-California and Californian. Then, after some reflection, I realized that the problem isn’t California so much as it is/was the people who were attracted to the state. The ones that built the place? They’re long swamped in the masses that arrived since the late 1940s.

          • Shawn, I’m just angry about a cool looking pistol, designed and manufactured in California, yet the politicians and the people that voted them in won’t allow me the opportunity to own one without turning me into a felon. Sorry about the off topic, sometimes I get angry and rant. My last posting on this article, I promise.

          • the off topic is fine, I just didn’t know what spurred it

            my advice is to move to a better state

    • My wife, a Californian born and bred, makes this point continuously when I start ranting about California.

      In her lifetime, she watched California turn from a sound state with nice weather and great ag production, to being perverted and converted into a trash heap – mostly by clowns from NYC/NJ/etc. She has nothing nice to say about New Yorkers, and I have to agree with her. Most everyone I’ve met from the NYC urban area is a flaming asshole, born and bred, and there’s no stick big enough to beat the assholery out of them.

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