New Ultralight Machine Gun By FN Herstal


(Herstal, Belgium) – May 06, 2021 – Belgium-based designer and manufacturer of small caliber weapons, associated weapon systems and ammunition FN Herstal has announced earlier today the entry of a brand-new machine gun with unique features, the FN EVOLYS. With this new addition to FN Herstal’s product portfolio, the Company definitely intends to write a new chapter in the history of machine guns.

Earlier today, FN Herstal has unveiled to the Defense and Security markets a completely new machine gun – the FN EVOLYS – during a global digital product launch event. It is with a great satisfaction and pride that the Company succeeded in combining its universally recognized expertise in the field of machine gun design, development and manufacture; its innovative spirit and current unmet market requirements to bring life to a new machine gun. The FN EVOLYS features an incredibly innovative and open architecture together with unique characteristics.

The FN EVOLYS is a radically different, ultralight weapon that combines the firing capabilities of a belt-fed machine gun with ergonomics and balance similar to an assault rifle. This is exactly what is needed and expected by users for current and future operations.

5.56x45mm NATO Variant

The FN EVOLYS has been developed in two calibers, 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO.

7.62x51mm NATO Variant

A true, ultralight machine gun…

The FN EVOLYS, with a weight between 5.5 and 6.2 kilos depending on the caliber, is much lighter than current reference machine guns. This reduced weight enables the user to move across difficult terrain quickly and to engage with a high volume of fire when needed with no difficulty.

Its reduced weight and excellent balance also mean that the weapon can be fired from any position. Transitioning from one firing position to another is made easy by the design of the sling attachment interface.

Featuring assault rifle characteristics

The FN EVOLYS ultralight machine gun fires like a machine gun, and handles like an assault rifle.

The ambidextrous fire selector has a semi-auto position to engage point targets as with a rifle while the full auto position allows suppressive fire as with a machine gun.

The buttstock is adjustable in length and height. Whatever his size, or the equipment he is wearing, the user can always find a comfortable shooting position.

Reliable, extremely comfortable and stable when firing

The latest-generation materials and technologies used on the FN EVOLYS, combined with FN Herstal’s long- standing expertise and innovative spirit, ensure that the reduction of weight has not compromised the vital factors of reliability, user safety and long life of parts.

The hydraulic buffer gives a steady rate of fire and reduces recoil.

The FN EVOLYS was designed from the start to fire intensively with a sound suppressor and therefore showed no reduction in performance when fitted with a suppressor, no excessive fouling, and no debris projected towards the user, even for left-handers.

Innovative and unique architecture

Another big innovation in the FN EVOLYS is the patented lateral feed mechanism, which has allowed the design to include several major improvements requested by users:

– The one-piece long top rail enables mounting a combination of various in-line optical sights such as day and night sights together, or magnifiers for instance, without removing the iron sights.

– Easy, instinctive and fast access to all controls by left or right-handed shooters for improved handling in the field

– All actions can be done with just one hand, including engaging the belt.

– Cartridges are automatically repositioned when the feed cover is closed if the belt is not correctly placed on the feed tray. This avoids a failure to feed the first round, which is a great reassurance for the user.

– The last link is automatically ejected, clearing the way for a faster and more reliable reload.


  1. I see these things come out, like the Knight’s Armament guns, and what I see as a common line of “failure to grasp reality” is readily apparent.

    Look, here’s the real ‘effing deal: None of these guns are gonna do what you really need them to do, which is dominate the 600m-to-1800m range small arms battlefield. None. And, do you know why?

    The simple fact is, the human shoulder and a bipod are NOT adequate supports or repeatable enough to use for delivering actual machinegun fire at actual targets at those ranges. Nor are these idiots thinking to provide the critical supporting elements you really need as a fully-functional MG team, like rangefinders and observation tools for the leadership of the gun crew. The gun itself is only a minute fraction of that which makes the MG team effective.

    You show me a new, high-speed MG? I’m unimpressed. Totally unimpressed–Show me that new MG with a new lightweight and adaptable tripod system? One that my gun crews can get into operation in seconds, on any terrain? New fire-control solutions, that slave the gun and its T&E mechanism to the gun crews observers? Some way of synthesizing and communicating targets to the gun crew?

    Yeah; then I’ll be impressed.

    The thing is, nobody takes the systemic view to this entire issue. The guns are cool, and all that, but… The reality is that all the little “gazinta” (goes into) items, along with crew drills and training of the leadership…? They’re what’s really important. You can give all the cool new guns and doo-hickeys in the world to a gun crew, but if you don’t train them on how to use them effectively, and, ohbytheway, teach the leadership how to use the fucking guns and crews properly in dynamic tactical circumstances…?

    The entire effort is pointless. You’ll do no better with the latest-and-greatest .338 Monster guns than you did with the old-school M240B, because you’re gonna be firing that .338 Monster off the same set of half-ass trained shoulders and a bipod that’s still as ineffectual as it was past 600m on the old guns.

    You can take that assessment to the bank.

    • Can’t do any of that. Got to train soldiers on correct gender pronouns and the threat of trump voters in the ranks first and foremost

    • Training is up to the NCOs. I can train my guys well regardless, and the tards down the street can sandbag if they want, but buying physically superior equipment (say, a 30% weight reduction to the biggest anchor in a platoon) is out of my hands. It’s a top level thing. So when I hear the call for everyone to be saddled with inferior gear because someone somewhere is doing it wrong, I say bullshit.

          • It’s a battle of wits with the unarmed. The fact alone that this lackwit thinks a lighter gun is going to help the problem is indicative of how far the standards have fallen, and how poor the thinking skills have gotten. Milley’s minions, indeed. Dumbfucks.

            Root of the issue is that they’re not putting bullets through bodies, and the reason they’re not doing that is because they’re trying to engage targets at ranges past the max effective for guns off the bipod. This means that their beaten zones are opened way the fuck up down range, and that further means that they’re ineffective at, y’know… Killing the enemy. There’s a reason that the book says you can’t effectively hit shit past 800m with a bipod-mounted gun, and that’s raw physics.

            And, this lackwit thinks a lighter gun is going to help… I’d laugh my ass off if it weren’t getting people killed. A lighter gun is only going to make the problem worse. Why? Because, again, physics: Lighter gun means it’s going to be bouncing around more on that bipod and off that shoulder, so unless someone’s come up with a magical gyroscope to stabilize that fucker while its firing, the bursts are gonna open up even more, and they’re gonna hit even less…

            The fact that a supposed “professional” soldier can’t figure this out is embarrassing. Likely, the only thing our friend “James” has ever read about the art and craft of machinegunnery is that excreble manual that they passed off as “rewritten” a few years back, which cribs crap going back to the M1919 without bothering to have either understood or updated it.

            Meanwhile, I’ve got a lifetime of studying this shit, a full 25-year career of gunning, maintaining, and training behind me, a shelf full of books from around the world within arm’s reach… And, I’m the one who doesn’t know shit.

            Like I said, I’d be laughing if people weren’t dying and the taxpayer’s dollars weren’t being wasted on things that aren’t actually going to fix the problems, like NGSW.

            Fuck me, but we really live in a seriously diminished age. McBride would be weeping with me, at the state of affairs today with regards to machinegunnery.

      • Ah, yes… The guy who thinks he knows it all, but who really does not. You are also borderline illiterate, because you didn’t read a word I said or understand it–Which is unsurprising, given the low standards of education and training it takes to become an NCO in the US military, these days.

        The argument I make here is that it is utterly senseless to spend money on “better gear” when ninety-nine percent of the reason we’re not getting everything we can out of our current gear is because of poor training and lousy support gear. Buy a lighter gun? That ain’t fixing shit, for anyone at all, because all they’re going to do is saddle you with more ammo to waste by spraying it all over a hillside somewhere because you can’t hit shit with anything, anyway. Meanwhile, if they spent the money on better training and support gear, you could lighten the load across your entire platoon because you wouldn’t have to take two or three guns and ten thousand rounds to do the job you could do with one gun, a decent tripod, and two or three thousand rounds.

        Of course, you’d actually have to know your shit in order to do that, and be able to use rangefinders, mil reticle binos, and a tripod. Which ain’t fucking likely in this sadly diminished age, given that most of the people I’ve debriefed after a tour with the guns in Afghanistan aren’t even aware that there’s a technique to do that, or that they really ought to have those tools with them, and actually train on them pre-deployment.

        Fuck me, the latest manuals don’t even illustrate how to do this crap anymore, and I’ve got schmendricks like you who weren’t even born when I was cutting my teeth on my first M60 crew drills under Vietnam vets who actually did know what the fuck they were about when it came to these things.

        Ah, well… Little boys always think they know more than their elders. Too bad most of them never live to grow up into men. Too fucking stupid and full of themselves to consider that they really don’t know everything, after all…

        • It sounds like you’ve been out of the infantry loop a long time, if you were ever in it, because you seem under the impression tripods are going unused. Every dismounted MG team uses tripods as SOP. My guys can free gun it to 1200m and hit point targets with one burst, no T&E required. If not for the weight of the tripod, barrel bag and first 400 rounds, a good gunner with an Elcan could ditch the AG in most situations.

          But 1200 meter point target kills in the open are a garrison situation because a 240s dispersion is not dense enough to reliably kill men moving between loopholes beyond tracer burnout. Guns are not decisive. We use them because they’re available. It takes maneuver or HE to fight effectively at range which means trading weight.

          If you’re hitting the books wondering why World War One indirect fire larping isn’t included, brush up on platoon mortars and CGs before you blow your mind on Switchblades.

  2. That’s a lot of fancy speak to describe a new gun. I’ve seen some guns for the civilian market get this much press only to find out all they did was change out the size of the removable back strap.

    • “It uses a short-stroke gas system, with a gas piston running below the barrel, and rotary bolt locking.” M. Popenker,

      That rules out the BAR/MAG operating system, so I bet it’s just an upside down SCAR with an MG42 feed system, just like the FN MAG is a BAR with MG42 feed.

      • Whatever that abortion is, I doubt seriously that it’s using an MG42-esque feed system. I can’t tell what is on the side of that thing, but it sure as hell isn’t anything even remotely akin to an MG34, an MG42, or a MAG-58.

        Which is one of the things that really annoy the shit out of me with these press releases; show me the money, people. I want to see, at the least, some kind of lay-down as to how the mechanism works, rather than all the bafflegab BS about how “lethal” it is.

        Fuck me to tears, I can make a rock “lethal” if I need to–In this context, the word is meaningless. Every weapon is designed to be “lethal”, and just about any inanimate object and several animate ones can be improvised into being such with greater or lesser degrees of ease and speed. Without the surrounding context of “how”, there’s no way to assess anything at all with regards to “improved lethality”.

        That said, this does look like a SCAR with something like a rotary belt feed bolted onto the side of it. Feed system derived from the SG-43 or PKM, perhaps…? Something entirely new?

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