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I have to admit I have given up on the useless NRA around the time DiFi gleefully rubbed her hands as Trump saif “take the guns first, due process later” and ordered the bump stock ban. I don’t care if the NRA burns in a chemical fire or not. That said, I know some of you are still true believers and think it can be saved. So in the spirit of being a man of the people, check out the stuff below. It’s an effort from B-ARFCOM to get rid of fearless leader, Wayne. I personlly have little to zero faith in that happening but…

Quick Summary
As many of you are aware, the NRA is a shell of it’s former self. Some folks in power have taken it upon themselves to enrich their lives versus continuing the efforts of the organization. The NRA is fighting for it’s life in bankruptcy court and a ton of information has come forth and been verified. Most of these things were already known to many in the community. Abuses of member funds by Wayne and excessive payments for legal support to Brewer are two of the worst, but the list is long. Some folks who backed Wayne, did so with the hope these were lies, but the more the case has dragged on, the more these have been shown to be truths. Private jets, luxury vacations, excessive shopping, and more. OUR funds were not donated to help a few folks live lavish lifestyles, but to protect our 2nd Amendment rights!

Having been involved in things for a few years, I’ve seen more than I care to. I have fought along side some great folks and been honored to name David Dell’AQuila as a friend. He is the gentleman who sued the NRA on behalf of the members and has been at the front of all of these legal battles. He is an honorable man and has put his life on hold to fight. As things are now coming closer to an end, we have the chance to take the last shots and rid the NRA of Wayne LaPierre, Bill Brewer, and god willing, the entire board of directors. By doing so we can return the NRA to the PEOPLE and fix the problems which have plagued it for years.

Some of you are still skeptical about the above, so I invite you to read as much information as is out there, including posts on ARFCOM discussing this. Educate yourself and join the fight. This is the last chance we have to get Wayne removed and take back the NRA!!!! Everything is closing quickly now and it’s critical we make efforts now!

Here is the link to donate to FixTheNRA Legal Fund:

Here is a list of good reads, including active threads on ARFCOM regarding this issue:

What else can you do?
– Cease any and all donations to the NRA and ask everyone you know to do the same!
– Cancel and request REFUNDS for any payments (memberships) to the NRA

The NRA needs member support and money right now, in order to fight through the legal issues. We are asking for leadership to be removed. This is the time to strike and to help make it happen! If we can impact their bankruptcy plan, it will fail and they will be unable to proceed without our help! In order to help, we will require leadership’s removal! THE NRA BELONGS TO THE MEMBERSHIP!!!! HELP TAKE IT BACK!!!


Another good read:

Analysis: The NRA’s Membership Problem
By Stephen Gutowski

In testimony during Thursday’s NRA’s bankruptcy trial, CEO Wayne LaPierre said the gun-rights group currently has about 4.89 million dues-paying members, with about 2 million being lifetime members. That makes it by far the biggest gun group in America, but it also underscores a serious problem.

In 2013, Lapierre first announced the group had reached five million members. He said the group had added half a million members in the previous six months alone. He then promised to double the NRA’s numbers.

“By the time we’re finished, the NRA must and will be 10 million strong,” USA Today reported Lapierre saying at the group’s 2013 annual meeting.

Eight years later and the membership has not just stagnated but shrunk. While the Census shows the population grew by about 3.8 percent over that period, the NRA membership has apparently shrunk by about 2.2 percent.

If the NRA’s membership has hit a ceiling, that’s significant, and it’s a bad sign for the most influential gun-rights group on the planet. It’s also a bad sign for NRA leadership’s argument in their current argument in the bankruptcy case. NRA leadership has repeatedly argued the LaPierre is the driving force behind fundraising at the organization, and it could not operate anywhere as effectively without him. But LaPierre has not only failed to meet his self-set 2013 goal of doubling NRA membership; membership has actually receded by his own account.

I reached out to the NRA for comment on the membership numbers but did not hear back before publication.

A headline in the NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom magazine declared the group had reached 6 million members in August of 2018. The text of the article put it at “nearly 6 million” with “an increase of more than a million members since just before the Parkland shooting” earlier that year. The next month, NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told The Washington Post the number was back to “approximately 5.5 million dues-paying members.”

Three years later, it’s back down to less than 5 million.

Membership in political organizations like the NRA tends to increase in election years and decrease otherwise. Major pushes for new federal gun-control laws, like those after the Sandy Hook and Parkland shootings, also have an obvious effect on NRA membership. So, some fluctuation year to year should be expected, but it doesn’t explain the eight-year flatline the group has seen.

And the long-term trend should concern anyone who believes the NRA’s huge membership base is key to projecting the political power of gun owners. It’s the fact that millions of people are willing to pay the NRA money to be a member that gives it immense political influence. No other gun-related group on either side of the issue comes anywhere close to having that sort of dedicated fan base. Not Everytown for Gun Safety or Giffords or Gun Owners of America or anyone else.

With long-time NRA antagonist Joe Biden now in the Oval Office and attacking the group by name, there should be ample opportunity for the group to grow membership depending on how it emerges from the legal troubles it is currently entangled in. The NRA may be preoccupied with mere survival at this point, but they should turn an eye towards long-term growth as well. Forced dissolution would mean a quick death, but stagnation would mean a slow one.


  1. NRA on the sidelines hurt badly in 2020. It’s not too much to say that NRA delivered the White House for Trump in 2016 and failed to do so again in 2020.

    If NRA goes Tango Uniform, we are probably going to get another Scary Gun Ban or a mag capacity limit or both.

    As for Wayne? If he’d delivered the Hearing Protection Act or CCW reciprocity or repealed the Hughes Amendment back in 17-18 when the NRA ran the three branches of government, well, give him all the Italian suits he can wear and all the steaks he can eat. But he didn’t. So who is responsible for that? I nominate Wayne.

    I would be very surprised if the NRA’s enemies aren’t behind Wayne’s current troubles. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are partly self-created.

    And yeah, I’ll say it again, if the NRA goes out of the fight, we are all gonna feel it on our backsides.

    I’m no legal expert, but I think the bankruptcy judge has a lot of power over the NRA right now. It would probably be ideal if he wiped the executive suite clean, wiped the board of directors clean and ordered a trustee to run a fresh BOD election. I don’t know if he has the power to do that or if it’s a reasonable outcome, but it’d probably be the best way to right the ship.

  2. It’s one thing to say dump Wayne, the BOD and any of the Klingon Cronies, but WHO do you
    replace them with? As a former member who became disenchanted with the NRA, its lack of
    effect in protecting gun rights and the excesses displayed by the big dogs, I’m not sure I would approve anyone of the B teams because of their association with Wayne & company. So the question becomes who has the chops to bring the NRA back to being useful for the gun owners of America and standing up for our rights?

    • I suggest we dont replace them with any other group. I submit to you that we refuse to obey or accept any new gun laws and enforce our stance at the point of the bayonet and stop fuckin around

  3. The NRA needs to die, I’m afraid. It was captured by the creatures like LaPierre a long, long time ago, and has delivered nothing but disappointment and a lot of unnecessary advertising.

    Is that brutal? Unpleasant? Yep. But, true.

    Fact is the NRA has siphoned up tons of money and mindspace while delivering very little in return for what people have invested in it. Meanwhile, they’ve inserted themselves into the infrastructure in so many ways that it’s not even funny–A lot of locales have the NRA written into law as the sole source for instruction and certifications. This is a single point of failure for the enemies of civil rights to attack, and since they’ve mostly co-opted the organization already…? Yeah; it needs to be replaced. Badly.

    My take on it is that we’d be a lot better off with a bunch of other organizations in the same space, serving the same needs, but harder to take down.

    Of course, the NRA does serve a good purpose, in that it gives the enemy a thing to attack that isn’t really real. The enemy thinks that the NRA exists on their model, a top-down driven affair that is run by a shadowing cabal of conspiricists. The idea that it’s actually a grass-roots organization that stems from the general public is something they can’t comprehend, and they’re going to be very unpleasantly surprised by the results of their success at taking it down.

    I’m not all that certain that the NRA has been a net good for our civil rights, TBH. Too lazy, too inept, and they’ve kept on making the excuses that they’re “picking their battles” rather than doing what they should. The success of Initiative 1639 here in Washington state was a perfect example of that–The NRA hardly opposed it, spent no money here, and the activists opposing the bill got little or nothing from the national organization. At the end of the day, nobody spent money on advertising exposing the lies told with that initiative–Average voter still thinks that “transfer” means “sale”, rather than the reality of the law, which says that if I hand a stranger a gun to fire on a range or to defend himself with during a riot, it’s a “transfer”, and one such “transfer” is a misdemeanor while two means we’ve both committed a felony-level offense.

    Meanwhile, nobody is highlighting the fact that precisely NONE of the “transfers” that were recorded in Seattle during last year’s little festival of stupidity have even been investigated, let alone prosecuted. You call up and ask questions, and they can’t even tell you. The only firearms violations being prosecuted from that whole season of insurrection stem from that idiot that stole a carbine out of a police cruiser and tried selling it.

    NRA has done nothing about this, not even a press conference. “Republicans” ain’t doing squat, either–Which tells me that the state party is also captured by the same creatures running the Democrats, and are utterly useless.

    TBH, both the NRA and the Republican Party in this state are best envisaged as naked middle-aged men dressed in gimp suits, wearing ball gags, on their knees with their hands holding their ass cheeks wide for the next thrust of the Democratic cock. They don’t care, so long as they can keep the scam going, begging for money to “oppose the programs” of the Democrats while they cooperate behind the scenes, squeaking all the while about “bi-partisanship”.

    Sad but true. I won’t shed a tear when the grifter LaPierre is hauled off with his partners, many of whom are actually Democrat shills that have taken NRA money for years, while donating hefty sums to the Democrats that support outlawing the NRA and private firearms ownership.

    I can’t express just how much I loathe these criminal fraudsters.

    • “The NRA needs to die, I’m afraid.”

      This might be true. I also think that if it dies, we’ll collect some hearty gun control out of it nationally. If we’re blessed, it’ll be another 10 year ban of something. If we’re not, it’ll be another NFA that’s an albatross around our grandkids’ necks.

      It is funny to watch the left try to deal with the NRA, though, I agree. They assume it’s a big money astroturf group because that’s about all they can conceive. They just can’t imagine that legislators and others are scared of the NRA because NRA can actually move votes. “NRA money!” they yell, while the NRA donates like a bottom-tier union that nobody has ever heard of.

      • If the NRA evaporates tomorrow, something else will take its place.

        And, I don’t think the leftoids will like what the replacement looks like. If we had a freakin’ organization that fought, actually fought? Things like what happened here in Washington state would never stand.

        Seriously… Where the fuck is the NRA, with this 1639 bullshit? If nothing else, they ought to spearheading a campaign to highlight the double-standard of lawlessness demonstrated by what happened during the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco. Zero prosecutions out that. Fucking ZERO. The crimes are on tape, for Christ’s sake, hours of them. Nobody is even investigating–And, those are blatant felony-level transfers of firearms to unqualified people without the use or say-so of a FFL, nor were the waiting periods respected.

        You couldn’t find anything more blatant if you tried.

        Yet, what do you hear? Crickets. Fucking crickets.

        You’d better believe that the first prosecutions under this 1639 bullshit are going to be some conservative outfit doing the same thing, likely during some civil unrest like in Wisconsin, and then the parasitic freaks aren’t going to do anything at all to point out the double-standard hypocrisy, nor are they going to lift a fucking finger to help the future Kyle Rittenhouse’s of that inevitable incident. Handwriting is on the wall, people–The rule of law is dead in this country. Dead, dead, DEAD. Favorites of the regime don’t get prosecuted, but the “enemies of the state”, the common capital-C Citizens, damn sure will be, every time they try to assert their rights.

        Fuck the useless NRA and their fudd cronies. They should have been out here fighting, but instead… They chose “strategic retreat”. Initiative 1639 ought to be on everyone’s tongue as an example of hypocrisy, just like the Chicagoland refusals to prosecute “gun crimes” of the gang-bangers ought to be. Whaddya hear, though? Crickets.

        • “If the NRA evaporates tomorrow, something else will take its place.“

          Oh, there’s no question about that. The question is, “will that something be better than the NRA or worse?” And, “What will it cost us to leave that hill I defended while we are swapping the NRA for hopefully-better-group?”

          The NRA’s open problems are starting to push 2 years now and nothing is taking its place. Perhaps they are still taking up too much oxygen in the room based on their brand, but the brand cuts both ways. They can get legislators and governors to answer their phone calls by saying, “NRA.” For most legislators and governors, all the other groups are still “Who?”

          The NRA has beaten politicians before, and that makes politicians pay attention. I expect that another group would jump in and hurt some politicians also if NRA went poof, but I think the politicians would have to learn that lesson the hard way. And that means gun control.

  4. I belong to the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia which I think has about 285000 members. So the SSAA in a country with gun bans of all kinds and heavily oppressive firearms laws has almost as many members per capita as the NRA. I can only conclude that the NRA is doing something terribly wrong to have such a miserably low membership. That guy Wayne has a lot to answer for.


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