AN Amazing Colt Detective Special


Today from Karl is this beauty. His words about it below.

69 years. . . 69 YEARS this Colt has been kept an Amazing Specimen. . . In 1952 this beauty left Hartford for the V.L.&A. Store in Chicago, the same shop at least 2 of the Capone Gang’s Thompson’s were purchased years prior. This Sock Drawer queen is in better shape than most guns arrive in from Colt today, and the Duo-Tone finish is awesome.”


  1. That pistol looks like it went into storage the day it was first purchased, it is pristine.
    The two colt’s that amazed me were the first two Colt’s Single Action Revolvers that have come up for auction the last few years. made in 1872.
    Serial #2 has replacement grips, Ivory IIRC and it doesn’t have a lot of finish left.
    #1 is in nice shape with most of the original finish.
    These are not SAA’s because the Army didn’t adopt the .45 LC Colt revolver until 1873.
    If you owned either, would you fire it?


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