They told him they were going to the field to neuter pigs, and that’s what they did.


Some heartwarming news for a change.

Warning! Not for the squeamish !

A sex attacker had his penis and testicles hacked off and fed to wild pigs in a revenge attack after he allegedly attempted to rape his niece in Brazil.

The 36-year-old man, who has not been named, sparked widespread anger in the northern Brazilian municipality of Olhos D’Agua after he allegedly tried to rape his 20-year-old relative.

His niece, who remains anonymous, managed to fight off his advances and fled before her attacker then drunkenly staggered home and fell asleep.

The woman’s boyfriend and his cousin were reportedly furious with the attempted rape and allegedly asked the uncle to join them in a nearby sugarcane field where they planned to neuter pigs on April 19.

When he arrived at the field, the two men attacked him instead. After beating him unconscious, they removed the sex attacker’s trousers and cut off his penis and testicles before allegedly throwing the genitalia to the pigs to eat.

The man, who is a manual worker, eventually came round and somehow managed to struggle home while he was bleeding profusely to call medics.

The doctors managed to stop the bleeding before taking the man in an ambulance to the nearby Doutor Gil Alves Municipal Hospital in Bocaiuva.

Surgeons said there is nothing they can do to reattach the manual worker’s penis and testicles after the genitalia was reportedly thrown to the pigs and eaten.

More gruesome details at the link below.


  1. If you raised her right… She’ll do it herself, before the rape is consummated.

    There are good reasons why the men in my family are cautious and respectful around the women. A comment often heard around the house as I was growing up was something to the effect of “Well, you’re gonna have to sleep, sometime… Ain’t nothing necessarily says you have to wake up.”.


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