Smith & Wesson Model 14


Today from Karl at is this model 14 made in 1957-58.


  1. It wouldn’t do to leave me alone with that gun and the appropriately sized screwdriver for very long. You’d never see that set of grips again.

  2. I have a 1960 build model 14 in excellent condition. It’s a fine piece and will hold the 10 rIng of a PPC target at 50 yards if I do my bit.

      • Roger that.

        I have a S&W Model 67 that was “Pulverised” by Ray Pulver, one of Australia’s greatest gunsmiths. It’ll hold 1 inch groups at 50 yards off a solid rest. I’ve put something like 30000 rounds through it, and it’s still as solid as a rock.

        I’ll take a few pics and send them along to you.

      • Hey Shawn….I’ve taken a few pics of my S&W M67 PPC racegun. I’ll write some words to accompany the pics and send them to you.

        What’s the best way to get them to you?


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